Small Miracles

By Jeff Baird Small miracles come along every day and sometimes turn into bigger miracles. It could be something like that one phone call, email or text message that you receive from seemingly out of nowhere, that changes your entire day. It just happened to me. It was one phone […]

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By Jeff Baird The word “shift” took on new meaning for me a little over five years ago. I was fortunate enough to study with a Shaman who opened my eyes to so many new things, including shifts. We discussed Heavenly shifts and how they affected us, and why being […]

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Such a Powerful Energy

By Jeff Baird It’s a powerful energy running throughout the world these days. It’s a different kind of energy – at a much higher level. It’s so strong and it’s important that we take the time to ground ourselves as we try to adjust and roll with it. You can […]

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