By Jeff Baird

Small miracles come along every day and sometimes turn into bigger miracles. It could be something like that one phone call, email or text message that you receive from seemingly out of nowhere, that changes your entire day. It just happened to me. It was one phone call and it was a small miracle that could turn into something bigger.

There is great power in small miracles. How many times have we heard stories about famous people who had some incredible coincidence happen which helped them along on their path to stardom? There are no coincidences. No such thing. Coincidence is just a word; nothing more, nothing less.

Everything is energy and we attract what we put out. It’s the basic law of our existence. We can’t always be on our A game. Some days are better than others. But, when some small miracles come along, we give thanks and live in a state of gratitude which attracts more small miracles. We open ourselves up for God’s blessings by acknowledging Him having a hand in the small miracles that come our way. His massive army of angels help us along the way when our mind is quiet and we meditate on the silence of the moment and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. We thank them for being so close to us.

The Great Ones hear us in our meditations and then help us when our hearts and minds are pure and we are able to reach the higher levels of consciousness where they reside. This is an example of us attracting what we put out. Darkness attracts more darkness and Light attracts more Light. Small miracles are a way of life in the light.

Reiki helps us bask in the warmth of eternal love. It’s no small miracle that Reiki found me. I’ll save that story for another time. Once we are attuned to this higher vibration, we are better able to manifest small miracles if we stay committed to Reiki’s ideals. Just for today, we will not worry or get angry. We will be kind to every living thing and do our work honestly. When we do this we are more open for small miracles to happen more often.

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