By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Recently, I came up with a name for the book I am writing about Reiki. Please stay tuned. Once again I was shown why I love Reiki so much – needing the healing energy for myself this time. I have been so blessed by being able to help so many by sending them Reiki or working on them in-person. But, this time I needed to take the time for self-healing and I’m glad I did. It is amazing stuff this thing called Reiki.

I am pretty consistent with my self-Reiki. But, at times, I get busy and kind of forget. It’s crazy I know. But, it’s true. It happens to all of us. But, when we are faced with serious pain, whether it be body, mind or spirit – or all three – we rediscover Reiki and marvel at how the healing energy helps us. We learn more about ourselves as we do not worry or get angry – just for today. We can do that. It’s important that we remember this. Just for today. Make today’s moments count and don’t waste them with worry or anger. It’s all wasted energy.

Everything is energy and there is a lot of negative energy out there these days. It’s important for Reiki practitioners to remember to ground and protect themselves when they are out and about. Keep that positive energy flowing. We all need it – especially now. Reiki raises our vibration and we are better able to handle any curve balls that life may throw at us. Reiki is kind of a secret weapon. I have used it for just about everything.

After you double check your backpack and wallet and check everything else off of your to do list before greeting the day…Don’t forget to pack the Reiki. Keep it near your heart and share it with others. You are making the world a better place just by doing this. And, I thank you for that. Take good care of yourself and keep that Reiki flowing.


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