Such a Powerful Energy

By Jeff Baird It’s a powerful energy running throughout the world these days. It’s a different kind of energy – at a much higher level. It’s so strong and it’s important that we take the time to ground ourselves as we try to adjust and roll with it. You can […]

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God is With Us

By Jeff Baird I just finished shoveling some of the heaviest snow I have ever tried to move as the wind blew right through me. I was covered in cold sweat when I came inside. I immediately took a shower, started a fire and wrapped myself up in a warm […]

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Doubting Thomas

By Jeff Baird I have written so many articles about the wonder of Reiki and my experiences with this amazing life force energy that heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This energy comes from our Creator, the Source of all living things. That’s why it’s so powerful. It always goes […]

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