By Jeff Baird

Pot Roast is slowly cooking in the crockpot and our home feels extra warm and cozy today as the scent of dinner greets you immediately when you enter. It just happened to me as I walked in and the experience was so powerful that I had to write about it. I spend a lot of time in the world of scent and can honestly say the smell of pot roast triggers many memories for me.

In addition to the magnificent smell I am enjoying so much, I know that memories of my mom’s pot roast are also touching my heart at this moment. I guess this is one of the reasons why I feel so happy here in our mountain home. Our land is covered with about two feet of snow. It’s absolutely breathtaking how beautiful everything looks. To top it all off, my wife spent a big part of her day folding and putting away our laundry. That is love in action. I am a blessed man and I know it.

In the last couple of days, a number of people have contacted me because they are in so much pain. They’ve heard about me from somewhere and have reached a point where they are willing to try anything to ease their pain. I know the feeling. Been there and have certainly done that. These hurting souls walk amongst us, doing everything within their power to hide their pain and simply make it through the day. They humble me with their strength and willingness to try new things so that they can heal.

Watching politicians and some of their followers stir up so much unnecessary pain sickens me and gives me the opportunity to tap into Reiki for self-healing and strength to survive the insanity that is considered normal behavior. Enough! Sometimes less is more, like less hate and more love – and not just on February 14th.

There is certainly no shortage of pain out there and that is why Reiki is more popular than it has ever been. Our hurting world needs healing and it is an honor to do my part by helping one soul at a time. Reiki practitioners do not take this responsibility lightly. We understand the importance of the work, and why we must always keep the energy flowing at a high level. It’s part of the deal, an arrangement we make with our Creator, the Source of all things, including Reiki’s healing energy.

People from all over the world visit our website, proving that pain might be universal, but so is healing. And, we are all connected after all. Distance healing sessions prove this every time I share Reiki with someone who is miles away. I call it the “Reiki Ripple Effect.” I might share Reiki with just one person, but they will then touch other lives as Reiki rolls on doing what Reiki does – easing our pain. Everything expands, including Reiki.

Many times, a spouse will come see me for a Reiki treatment after seeing what the healing energy has done for their loved one. That is the Reiki Ripple Effect in action. I had a client say it best when she was getting off of my treatment table. She said, “It was like waves of relaxation. I didn’t realize how stressed I was. I would relax, and then a few minutes later I would relax some more, and it kept coming like waves of relaxation.” Our world could certainly use some waves of relaxation about now. Reiki On!

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