By Jeff Baird

I just finished shoveling some of the heaviest snow I have ever tried to move as the wind blew right through me. I was covered in cold sweat when I came inside. I immediately took a shower, started a fire and wrapped myself up in a warm blanket. I needed warmth and was so grateful that I was able to find some. I thanked God for the comfort and hoped others would find some comfort sooner rather than later.

Before shoveling, I had gotten caught up on the latest Corona Virus news – at least for this hour. I cannot believe how fast things change. I always heard and believed that the only constant in life was change, but come on!

I also believe that God is always with us. You can’t do the kind of healing work that I do and think otherwise. My life changed so much after Reiki found me as I learned to let go of old habits and patterns of behavior that no longer served my best interests. For that, I am eternally grateful. Without Reiki, I would have a tougher time trying to process the latest news.

Reiki’s healing Love is proof that God is With Us. When the news gets to me, I connect with God and suddenly I feel better. What a gift. God is with me. God is with you too. God is with us at all times. It’s up to us to realize this fact and keep that vision in mind as we face the challenges that life can present to us. Please allow me to state the obvious – life is a test and all of us have a reason for being here. It’s no coincidence that we are experiencing what we are experiencing at this moment in time.

However we choose to handle what we are dealing with today will have a substantial impact on our growth as we enter the next life. It is important for all of us to focus on moving forward – no matter what. No matter what. There is no such thing as standing still. Change is obviously the only constant.

We are indeed all connected, and it has never been more obvious than it is right now. We’re all in this together. In the big picture, we have an opportunity to move Mankind forward as we overcome obstacles together by relearning the magnificent power of Love. It will always be the most powerful force in the world. God is Love & God is With Us.

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