By Jeff Baird

In a lot of ways my Dad was larger than life. The good, the bad and everything else. He was my first hero. He was a man’s man, tougher than the rest. He did so many things in his time, and one of those things was being a caregiver for my Mom. His love for her ran deeper than the deepest well. He’d like that sentence because he loved the truth.

I just opened up a can of worms and didn’t mean to do it. It just happened. Writing makes me feel better. I could write a book about the caregivers I have known. My Dad was the first and did it until he couldn’t do it any longer. It was about 12 years if I remember right. My Mom had Alzheimer’s disease. It was so brutal. She needed a caregiver as it tried to rob her of everything she had.

But, it couldn’t take away her spirit. Many with Alzheimer’s disease have moments of meanness; some longer than others. It’s a common and expected trait with the disease. But, not with my mom. That never happened to her. My God she was amazing. I can feel her presence as I type these words.

I have known hospice workers who practiced Reiki and shared it with those that they cared for. A healing touch is so important for those in hospice. I send Distance Reiki to these kind souls to help them along their way. Even super humans can benefit from Reiki.

They do whatever they need to do to take care of another person. They are God in action. God is in love, compassion, kindness and of course healing too. God is in everything that comes from love. There were nurses that took such good care of me in the hospital. They always made me feel better by helping me with whatever needed to be done at that moment. They were godsends.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around everything that is happening in hospitals right now. All I can do is kind of be a caregiver by sending Reiki to the real caregivers. Once again, Healing is indeed a team effort. God Bless The Caregivers. They save lives and even help those who make their transition to the next life. Thank You for all You do.

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