This just in…

By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado It was the only time that I am aware of when the entire human race was at peace. The people all had a knowing…an awareness. Call it an understanding. Everyone had a full acceptance and trust in the knowledge that they were connected with […]

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The Soul of a Nation

By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado We talk about the soul of a nation while we are witnessing historic events bearing the souls of many nations. It’s important for us to also think about the bigger picture and the soul of our species. Just recently I went to a powerful […]

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A Storm of Perfection

By Jeff Baird Just like a tidal wave Just like a monsoon Peace on this Earth Cannot come too soon A storm of perfection In an imperfect world A whole new direction New ways are unfurled The waves are relentless Crashing into the shore Be still my dear ocean We […]

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Good vs. Evil

By Jeff Baird Everything expands. It’s a law of nature. I have seen positive energy and good vibes change people’s lives as they healed from whatever pain they had been dealing with before discovering the magnificent power of Reiki. I have witnessed countless such expansions and positive growth with good […]

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