By Jeff Baird

Everything expands. It’s a law of nature. I have seen positive energy and good vibes change people’s lives as they healed from whatever pain they had been dealing with before discovering the magnificent power of Reiki. I have witnessed countless such expansions and positive growth with good energy.

Last night I watched evil expand as the darkness settled in. I watched evil do its very best to destroy the city that I love so much. The Mile High City was under attack last night. I wanted to throw up but was too shocked to move, glued to the images on the television that I pay so much to see. The ground where I stood with my family during the Broncos Super Bowl Parade was soaked in tear gas, milk, blood, fire and God knows what else. It was sickening.

Many do not believe the statement that follows this sentence. We are all connected. If everyone believed this simple truth maybe we would live in a more peaceful world. Reiki has opened my eyes to so many things, especially the power of love and goodness. But, there are two sides to everything. Just as there is good, there is also evil.

Reiki practitioners work with Higher Sources when we share God’s energy. We get to see the power of good and healing on a regular basis. But, there are also dark forces who relish in the pain and suffering of mankind. We decide which force will move us and which team we want to be on. We decide whether we want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. It’s Free Will in action.

Everything is energy. Tonight, I am honored to take part in the meditation and Distance Reiki event hosted by William Lee Rand and the International Center for Reiki Training. There is great strength in numbers. Tonight, we will do our part to make a difference by sending love to a world that is hurting so much.

It is the same old story – good vs. evil. This battle has been raging since the dawn of Man. We pray for those who deserved to live. We pray for our brothers and sisters of all colors and walks of faith. We pray for the goodness in others and keep our faith strong.

We understand the greatness found in a simple, kind gesture. We pray for justice. We understand that we are all connected and our thoughts expand – just like everything else does. Just for today, we will not worry and we will not get angry. It’s the very least that we can do, as we honor the wisdom of Reiki’s Founder, Dr. Mikao Usui. Pray for Peace.

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