By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

It was the only time that I am aware of when the entire human race was at peace. The people all had a knowing…an awareness. Call it an understanding. Everyone had a full acceptance and trust in the knowledge that they were connected with every other living thing on the planet. This is why everything and everyone was so healthy. It was a world of abundant blessings and the obvious nature of the law of attraction was visible everywhere you looked. It was a place built on thriving positive energy and the overwhelmingly positive results could not be ignored.

Regardless of where they lived or their nationality, each person treated everyone they met with kindness, love, respect and dignity – just like they wanted to be treated. Many years ago, Jesus told them to “Love One Another,” and these people took Him at His word. It was a way of life. They believed that to do harm to another was just doing harm to themselves, so why bother? They understood their connection to every other living thing and lived in peace with themselves as well as others.

Distance Reiki proved to me that there is no time or space as it delivers a deep healing and peace to me as well as those I channel the healing energy for. As Reiki practitioners we are able to help heal our beautiful world by shining our light with self-Reiki and then sharing it with others. Reiki helps us raise our vibration and do our part for the world’s collective consciousness and highest good. Reiki always delivers three things to any situation – Peace, Love & Hope. God Bless You & God Bless Reiki.

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