By Jeff Baird

Just like a tidal wave
Just like a monsoon
Peace on this Earth
Cannot come too soon

A storm of perfection
In an imperfect world
A whole new direction
New ways are unfurled

The waves are relentless
Crashing into the shore
Be still my dear ocean
We don’t need anymore

Countless umbrellas
Destroyed by the wind
A fragile protection
From the places we’ve been

Our hands are clean
Our hearts are pure
Things we have seen
Oh, what we’ve endured

We’re all in this together
For better and much worse
Hope is the driver
That quenches our infinite thirst

We believe in the promise
Of each brand new day
To love one another
To watch what we say

Too much of everything
Is never enough
Acceptance and gratitude
And all the right stuff

We pray for each other
For all souls on this journey
There’s great strength in numbers
Together we are learning

A storm of perfection
Rainbows in the stars
Mankind’s resurrection
An end to all wars

A war on drugs
A war on pandemics
A war on each other
It’s all just semantics

I declare war on war
For peace is not our foe
Do unto others
Then love them even more

It takes strength to be gentle
To forgive and be kind
A thought followed by action
The power of the mind

A storm of perfection
Beyond our greatest fears
The Big Picture keeps getting bigger
2020 is just one year

May peace fill your mind today
May love burst from your heart
Yesterday is ancient history
Today is a brand new start

May you weather the perfect storm
May your shelter remain strong
May you feel so safe and warm
May your life be filled with song

Sing out to the Heavens
May this storm be on its way
Grant us the serenity
To make the most of this precious day

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