By Jeff Baird

The great Laurelle Gaia spoke to a large group of us Reiki practitioners at a retreat in beautiful Sedona a few years ago. She stood at her walker and shared with us how she had “stepped into” the Power Symbol each time she took a step while recovering from having a stroke. Laurelle had a way of explaining something in such a simple, beautiful way that I always connected with her immediately.

I am so grateful that I was able to take my Holy Fire Reiki Master Class from Laurelle, and my Reiki brother Michael Baird, no relation. But, he does have the same first name as my blood brother. Michael & Laurelle took Reiki to a whole new level and I am honored to be one of their many students. Laurelle was so supportive when I was just beginning to take the steps necessary to launch a new Reiki business. I love Laurelle – just like so many others.

After hearing Laurelle talk about “stepping into” the Power Symbol, I started incorporating it into my Reiki sessions. “Step into power!” I see it, step into it and feel the high vibration running through my veins. I see endless power symbols running through my blood, cleansing my entire system and rejuvenating me with the powerful and infinite energy. I will call the Power Symbol by name either out loud or just with my mind, adding more focus to the visualization.

Reiki’s symbols are sacred. They should not be exposed to anyone who has not taken a second level class and learned about them. If I google something Reiki and the symbols are displayed, I immediately dismiss that page. The sacredness of the symbols should never be dismissed or ignored. We keep them close to our heart.

The Power Symbol is an activator that opens the door for the other symbols to enter a space and share their healing attributes. The Power Symbol is a leader. I always place it on the feet of the people I treat, both in-person and from a distance. This allows them to step into power.

I have used the Power Symbol for just about anything you can think of. I put it over the eyes of a woman who was losing her sight. The doctors were so confused as to why her sight was actually improving. “I didn’t tell ’em about the Reiki, Jeff,” she said to me afterwards. Her comments cracked me up. But, it wasn’t the first time that Reiki had left a doctor puzzled and wondering how such a speedy recovery was even possible.

I’ve placed the Power Symbol on sore knees. I could tell you many stories of knee pain going away or at least lessening. Knees are about moving forward, and most people I have worked on have benefitted from having the Power Symbol on their knees. It also fits perfectly over our ears and can help clear out all negativity and noise that someone has had to listen to and try to endure. For example, someone with cancer who has been hearing nothing but bad news can benefit from a full clearing of the ears led by the Power Symbol.

I have used the Power Symbol on some of the strongest people I know. They were going through hell on earth and were in a weakened state. It gave them the boost that they needed just to keep going. The Power Symbol is called that for a good reason.

I always work a healing attunement into each one of my Reiki sessions. The first symbol used is naturally the Power Symbol that opens the door for the other symbols to do what they do. I have used it to clear rooms and raise the energy of a space too. There are no limitations to the Power Symbol. It has an infinite quality to it that seems to build momentum when we draw it, see it or just think of it.

This is a tough world and not for the timid. Reiki’s sacred symbols are nice companions to have along as we move forward and draw from their strength. Step into Power! Thank You Laurelle. (Hope you like the butterfly.)

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