By Jeff Baird

I have been blessed by being shown so many sacred spiritual teachings and best practices by some of the Masters. I have only seen a glimpse, just enough of a glimpse to realize how far I still have to go. We all strive to reach our highest level as a living soul. That’s why we’re here.

Distance Reiki allows us the opportunity to honor God by sharing Reiki’s healing energy with as many souls as possible. Distance healing sessions have been a big part of my life since I attended my Reiki Level II Class in 2012. These days, the Distance sessions are something I hold even nearer and dearer to my heart, if that’s even possible. I will never get used to the things that ya’ll share with me. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Your words mean the world to me.

My daughter says, “You can’t half ass it” when it comes to Distance Reiki. She’s right, you know. The healing energy is either coming from your heart or it’s not. There is indeed no half-assing Distance Reiki. It’s normally a nightly occurrence for me, but I haven’t done it the last two nights. I’m going to do it tonight. Last night I shared Reiki with myself for self-healing and it helped manifest an incredible day for me. I felt so much better today. A little Reiki really does do wonders for a soul.

Use Reiki today for tomorrow. Set the tone for the next day by raising your vibration and using the Distance Symbol to send your best of intentions to the next day. Walk into the Distance Symbol and experience the eternal truth that there is no time or space and we are all connected. Then, reach out. Reach out and touch someone from a distance. Distance Reiki is prayer in action. Send your loving prayers around the world and use Reiki today for tomorrow for yourself. There is no time or space anyway. It’s a Win-Win.

Self-healing is so important. I am frequently reminded of this fact. I don’t put it off for very long anymore. I know the benefits of self-healing so well from past experiences I have had. Sometimes, we need to take the time for ourselves and feel the magnificent power of Reiki working its wonders through us. It raises our vibration and it keeps our thoughts and actions on a higher ground. Once the energy is a part of you, it never leaves. Reiki is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.

Be Safe. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article. I appreciate you.

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