By Jeff Baird

I first learned the importance of clearing spaces from a Master Shaman. She explained how she cleared an airport before arriving, and the reasons why it made such an impact on her upcoming trip. At the time, I was traveling frequently and paid close attention to what she shared with me.

She told me, “You are going into a space where many people do not want to be there. They are stressed out and anxious to get wherever they are going. Many are sick and the travel will just make them sicker. You need to protect yourself from all of these negative energies.”

The first couple of years that my work required frequent travel, I was sick all of the time. This was well before I was attuned to Reiki. It seems like I always had a sore throat and a cough. At the time, I knew nothing about protecting myself and relied mostly on over the counter medicine and ate “Airborne” like it was candy.

I remember one trip that I call “the trip from hell.” I was physically sick and the room I stayed in had some of the worst vibes I have ever experienced. One night, I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and went downstairs to the lobby to get some chamomile tea to soothe my sore throat and help me get back to sleep.

I got on the elevator and as the door was closing, I saw a little boy, about four years old, walk down the hallway by himself. My first thought was, “Where are his parents?” Years later, I learned that this little boy had stayed in my room, experienced horrific abuse and had passed on. It’s no wonder that I felt so uncomfortable in that room and never slept more than short cat naps during that trip that seemed to go on forever. My uneasiness stayed with me throughout each day that I was in that city. I could not wait to get back home.

Years after being attuned to Reiki, I learned how to clear spaces from the Master Shaman mentioned earlier and always slept like a baby whenever I was on the road. Today, with all of us hunkered down at home, I find myself clearing more and more spaces as I share Distance Reiki with others. With everything going on right now, we don’t need any more negative energies or entities hanging around in our personal space. They need to be led into the light where they belong. Clearings from a distance can help us raise the vibration of any home or business.

The feedback I receive after doing a clearing is always positive. My hope is that this article will give you some ideas for clearing spaces and keeping your vibration at a higher frequency. I call in the big guns when it comes to clearings. Archangel Michael is always willing to help and so he is my “go to” when it comes to this kind of work.

Many times I see these golden bubbles of positive energy coming up from the ground as they lighten the energy in a space. I watch the bubbles grow in number and surprise the darkness with their high energy and lightness. The darkness only makes the light seem that much brighter. Healing bubbles are one of the most enjoyable visions to see during a Distance session. They always bring a big smile to my face as I watch them in action – clearing and healing.

I have known many who clear spaces strictly with their intentions. Lately, in addition to the magnificent eternal power and protection from Michael, I also incorporate the Holy Fire flame and the sign of the cross for Christ Consciousness. My spiritual helpers will place the flame and the cross at the entrance of a home or building. The combination of the eternal flame and the cross is very powerful. From a distance, I watch countless flames and golden specks of healing dust fill the space and chase the darkness away from every corner of each room.

Many times, the flame will grow into a massive presence as it seals the ground while the cross illuminates the higher spaces and hovers over the roof. I thank Jesus and Michael and other Great Ones for helping me clear the space. Michael has this huge garbage bag that slowly comes up from the ground collecting all negative energy. When it reaches the top of the space, it is wrapped up and sent into the light. Then, he uses a golden culendar to pick up anything that is left behind. It’s the same process as the culender slowly rises from below the ground. Many times, the land itself needs to be cleared as well. This takes time and should not be rushed. All of the darkness is transformed into golden dust and sent into the light.

Low lying energies love to hang around dark places and bring the vibration down as low as it can go. There are sick buildings and homes that need to be cleared in order to change the destructive patterns that have become so prevalent in the space. In-person clearings can be enhanced by burning sage and Palo Santo, or “Holy Wood.” You can also use these clearing tools from a distance if you want to. But, again, our intentions are what make a healing or a clearing so impactful.

Clearing a space from a distance can have a profound effect on the well-being of those who are in the space. Calling in Reiki’s sacred symbols to help with any clearing is also a good idea. When it comes to clearings, I like to make sure I have my bases covered. Partnering with Jesus, Michael, other Great Ones and Reiki gives me peace of mind that the work is being done at the very highest level. The results are always dramatic.

Just like it is after finishing any Distance healing session, it is important for us to separate, ground ourselves and wash away any possibility of negative energies. The golden bubbles mentioned earlier can also be used for our own clearing as well. I always wash my hands with soap and water before and after any Distance session. Stay Safe & Be Well.

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