By Jeff Baird

Before COVID – 19, many in the healthcare industry saw me for Reiki sessions to help ease their stress levels and troubled minds. They shared stories with me of long hours, lack of support, never-ending duties and sleepless nights. This was a long time before any of the challenges appeared that they are facing today. My heart aches for these brave souls who are asked to do superhuman things on a daily basis.

When they are not trying to help and save others, they have personal lives of their own. Last night I listened to a nurse explain the horrific challenges that she and her colleagues are facing as the virus spreads and takes more lives. She couldn’t remember the last time she was able to sleep. Her professionalism and empathy were on full display while her tired eyes could not hide her fear. The reality of the situation sent a chill down my spine. She works in one of our nation’s top hospitals.

Because of COVID-19, loved ones have not been able to say goodbye to their dying friends and family members in-person. Bedside farewells have been replaced by Skype calls and FaceTime calls. I couldn’t help but think of the memories I shared with my family as we said our goodbyes to my beloved mother-in-law, who was an Angel who walked among us.

That bedside farewell was a long time ago, but I can still remember it like it happened yesterday. Sweet Ida, my mother-in-law, was taking her last breaths as my son sang a song that he had written for his dear grandma. While he sang, the rest of us took turns holding her hand. My wife is still friends with Ida’s head nurse.

So many are hurting. My nights are busy ones as I send Reiki to people, animals and situations around the world. I hear how the healing energy helps so much with sleep. Something as simple as a good night’s sleep can be nothing but a dream for a healthcare worker who cannot remember the last time they were able to close their eyes for more than just a few minutes. We all need our rest and too many are restless these days.

Dear God, I thank you for the promise of this day. Thank You for the many Angels who work in the healthcare industry. I pray for their protection, well-being and strength, as we need them now more than ever. Help them to feel your loving presence while they help so many today. Send them your peace which surpasses all understanding. Bring hope to them and their patients on this glorious day of healing. Amen.

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