By Jeff Baird

Years ago, Reiki first introduced me to the idea of turning off all the noise. That simple idea changed my life as I finally learned to see the insanity of wasting so much time on catastrophizing things that never happened. Tom Petty said, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” I miss Tom Petty.

I learned to see potential new possibilities instead of possible new problems. The little victories along the way helped me stay on track and kept my thoughts from running away from me. I still have my moments, but they don’t last anywhere near as long as they used to, because I let them go. Some old habits just aren’t worth hanging onto. Plus, I feel like I’m dissin’ Reiki if I worry or get angry. We’re not supposed to do that when we truly commit to Reiki. It changes everything, and thankfully helped me with turning off all the noise.

I learned the eternal value of silence. God speaks clearly to us if we are paying attention and really listening. The only way that happens is if we turn off all the noise. Then, we can hear God loud and clear instead of all of the worry and anger being blasted by the noise.

I crave silence and seem to have some of my most enjoyable and productive moments when I am sitting and just being. I used to be incapable of doing such a simple thing. There is a time for everything and Reiki showed me how to slow down and take the time to simply rest. In Peace.

A calm mind is a healthy one and it’s worth protecting, just like everything else that I hold dear to my heart. Instead of trying to keep up with all the noise, I slow down enough to enjoy a quiet moment. It might only last a short while, but it’s time well spent. Afterwards, I can usually hear more clearly and stand a better chance of differentiating the current reality vs. what is just noise.

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