By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Many Angels show up for Reiki sessions, both in-person and from a distance. In addition to “The Team,” my spiritual helpers, a Reiki recipients’ guardian Angels also show up for the healing. It’s rare that this doesn’t happen, depending on how deep the healing is. Angelic beings want to be a part of their loved one’s healing and we welcome them with open arms.

The stories of the visions that my clients share with me humble me to the core. I am so honored that Higher Sources want to attend our Reiki sessions. Without them, there would be no Reiki session. It’s not my energy. The Holy Spirit is Alive and Well. This spirit and healing energy comes from God, which is pure Love and light. Magnificent Brilliance.

Angels are as real as you and me. They’re just on a different plane. There are different levels to everything, and the Angels who join us come from a place beyond what our human eyes can see. The unseen forces are a part of our daily lives and are there to help us. All we have to do is ask for help. A Reiki session is when we ask for their help.

It’s not our energy, but rather, God’s energy that does the healing. This is why Reiki goes exactly where it needs to go and does exactly what it needs to do for a person or animal’s highest good. Angelic beings do the heavy lifting. Reiki practitioners are simply the facilitators. We invite Higher Sources in and they always show up. It’s so amazing to me.

More than a few times, Jesus has shown up during treatments and classes. One of my students sat with him after her attunement during a Reiki Level I class. A client felt His presence after I gave her a healing attunement, which included the sign of the cross. I am quite fond of Reiki’s symbols, and just recently added the cross in conjunction with the Holy Fire flame of purification and healing. It’s very powerful and will cast out all low lying energies quickly. Pain operates at a very low level.

Reiki is Love at the highest level, and a gift from above that we get to experience when we let go of fear, doubt, judgment, limiting beliefs and pain. Reiki is “Love One Another” in action. Angels are just being Angels, and doing what they do. God Bless the Angels among us. I thank them throughout the day and night for their healing presence.

Many times family members who have passed on show up for their loved ones healing. For a variety of reasons, depending on the situation, they want to be a part of the transformation as their friend or family member heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some of the comments I have heard from clients include:

“Grandma and Grandpa are here!”

“There was a line of my family members who have passed away, next to the treatment table They all took turns just to hold my hand.”

“I sat in His presence and have never felt peace like that before.”

“My Mom was here, rubbed you on the shoulder like she used to do for us, and thanked you.”

“It was like a family reunion.”

“I have never felt so much Love. It was like waves and waves of Love.”

“My Dad used to rub my legs when they hurt when I was a little girl. He was here doing that during your treatment.”

God’s massive army of Angels is the greatest army in the world. Their mission is Peace on Earth. We need to listen to them, talk with them and invite them into our lives rather than thinking they don’t exist. When I say we are being watched by The Hierarchy of Angels, my intention is not to incite paranoia. They observe us and look for ways to help us find peace. I find great comfort in knowing that Angels are looking for ways to help us along on our journey. The higher our awareness, the more they will help us.

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