By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Man’s vicious inhumanity to his fellow man is as fierce as it’s ever been. So many innocent lives have been lost to senseless violence and destruction. This past week was filled with headlines that just confirmed that there is a battle going on. It’s the same old battle that has been raging since the beginning of time – Good vs. evil.

I am humbled to the core by the heroes who rise up during tragedies. These selfless souls show us all what it means to put other’s needs ahead of our own. They demonstrate the power of God & Love through their actions. It may seem that their efforts are superhuman. And, they are; because God was leading them as they sacrificed for their brothers and sisters. We can’t help but wonder how we would respond in such a situation.

Talk to any soldier about what it means to lay your life down for another. Ask a caretaker about service work. Watch first responders move into place during impossible conditions as they take action to save and repair lives. These heroes represent every nationality, religion, gender and faith. We are all in this together regardless of our skin color or belief system.

Hate is a disease that is much too popular and glorified in spite of its never-ending downward spiral. But, as the battle continues between hate & Love, a higher level of human consciousness continues to expand across the globe. As a human race it is very important for us to move forward – no matter what. The time for soul expansion is now, and it’s happening everywhere.

There’s a much bigger picture than what any news source may choose to bombard us with. Separatism and divisiveness cannot be a part of the plan as we strive to reach higher ground – together, as one mankind. This higher awareness brings change as doing good gets the attention that it rightfully deserves.

Believe in good, embrace it, share it and watch it grow. Good leads to great. All of us have greatness within just waiting to be tapped. Heroes have discovered how to make this a way of living, and they won’t settle for anything less. It’s a mindset that they have.

There are heroes everywhere who are committed to winning the battle for good. They’ll tell you they’re nothing special, in spite of their heroic acts. They might say they were just doing what anyone else would do. But, no matter what they say, they’re superhuman as they do the will of God.

We were told a long time ago, to Love one another. One of these days, we’ll get it right. But, we have to keep trying as we move forward. We can all be heroes and play a big part by just fighting the good fight – no matter what. Be a hero today by doing good things for others. We need you.

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