By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Yesterday morning, I received a call from a lady who had attended our “Evening of Healing” in June. She was one of the people I shared Reiki with on the treatment table. She woke up the morning after the event and her hand pain was gone. She was amazed, and she felt drawn to me as her future Reiki Master after that night. She is at Reiki Level II and is interested in becoming a Master. That’s how Reiki works with the universe. It’s the law of attraction happening in the name of healing. My students find me and vice versa.

I thanked her for wanting to take my Master class, and then I said, “We need you.” It’s true, we do need her; as well as anyone else who is interested in healing the world – one soul at a time. Like many other moments throughout history, this is a very important moment for mankind. Only, this moment is coming after so many other moments that tried their hardest to set us back in our evolution. But, we are still here and we’re still moving forward. That is the law of the universe – always moving forward – no matter what. With more Reiki students, our team grows, and we are better able to give the human race the push that we all need for spiritual advancement. Yes, indeed we do need her.

When a new student discovers Reiki, the unbelievable suddenly becomes believable. A whole new way of looking at things opens up for them. Among other things, they learn about God’s massive army of angelic helpers, how much they love us and how much they want to help us. They learn about the importance of tuning into our higher selves and not wasting time with things that no longer serve our best interests.

New Reiki students learn how to focus on the bigger picture, as meaningless gray areas disappear and doubt no longer exists. They open up to the universe at a whole new level after receiving a Reiki attunement. This amazing gift is passed down to each student. Don’t believe all of the stuff you see on the internet about learning Reiki in ten minutes or whatever. Reiki is real, and it is passed onto students with an attunement that goes all the way back to the source of Reiki. It’s amazing and true.

Once a student commits to living without worry or anger, there is absolutely no going back. Again, we’re always moving forward. No matter what. No matter what. There is no such thing as status quo or being in neutral. We’re either moving forward or we’re stepping back. Living or dying. We are a part of something so much bigger. The universe is there for us, and we determine whether we want to pay attention to its endless glory or not. Too many spend all of their attention on themselves and need to realize that we really are all connected – all of us. Reiki opens our eyes and gives us a clearer vision, and understanding.

I believe life is about loving one another. That’s it. Love one another. Jesus said it, and so many more have tried to teach us about the power of love. Kindness is love in action. Gentleness is a strength. Forgiveness is Heavenly. Helping our fellow man is why we are here. We commit to pulling each other up rather than dragging each other down. We rise as one; committed to helping our brothers and sisters, as we move forward together. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario. I always loved that song, “Let’s work together” by Canned Heat. “Because together we will stand, every boy, girl, woman and a man!” Seriously – “Come on now people.” The time for advancement is now. When we leave here, the thing that will matter most is how we spent our time on Earth. But, that’s a much bigger discussion for another time.

Am I an old hippie? I was pretty young when hippies were in their prime. I was like 6 or 7 when they started doing their thing. But, I was always fascinated by them. Loved their music and the way they looked. So, yeah, I guess I’m an old hippie. Call me what you want. But, one thing I am for sure is a teacher. I love teaching Reiki to others as we spread the gift of healing together. New students learn about the importance of loving ourselves and others, as we live in gratitude. In a lot of ways, a Reiki class is like a wakeup call for both student as well as teacher. I learn so much from my students.

Gratitude fills my heart as I hear about how these people found me, and then wanted to reach out to discuss taking a Reiki class. I am so glad to have them in my life. Because we do need them as our team continues to grow. We’re fighting the good fight and it’s not for the timid. It takes tremendous bravery for a person to want to heal on all levels. Reiki students learn about how healing comes from within, and then touches us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A Reiki Master can never have too many Reiki students. There is always room as healing is at the very top of our list.

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