By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

This article first appeared in the Fall, 2016 issue of “Reiki News Magazine”

Along with the amazing gift of Reiki comes a major responsibility. We must make sure that we expand with Reiki so that we can share the gift of healing with the world – literally. As we become Reiki we reach higher levels. As a result, we receive higher guidance. It’s really amazing. We are loved so much and have a responsibility to share that love. You will not have to look far when determining where you are going to send some love. The world needs love – now more than ever. Your guides will help you. They always do. This is a team effort – on all levels.

I was walking into a grocery store the other day. As I was coming out, I saw a middle-aged daughter helping her mom walk into the store. She was holding her mom tightly. If it wasn’t her mom, they were certainly close, and the younger woman was doing her best and showing so much love. They were struggling as they tried to maneuver across the parking lot and into the store. It was obvious that the older woman had just had some kind of a procedure done and this looked like it was her first trip out into the public. I’m assuming this, just from my observations. But, she didn’t look well to me.

As the older woman was heading to the floral department, I sent her Reiki. It felt so good to send this soul some love, as she smelled the flowers. It was just a brief moment, but one that I will always remember. I would not have done this a year ago. In fact, I didn’t do it the day before. Reiki is expanding in my life and as a result my life is filled with gratitude.

I had just returned from an emergency trip to be with my 86-year old dad and help him get home and settled from the ICU. I hadn’t completely rebounded yet after an emotional week. Then, I saw those two women and I was back on track. It was good to be home.

Sending Reiki to the world is something I now do throughout the day. God knows, there are many people who need some loving, and some healing. Mankind needs some loving and some healing, now more than ever. It is our responsibility to do our work. We have help. And, oh do they want to help us. Believe me, every little bit of loving counts. I have been sending Reiki all over the world to all kinds of situations. I receive images back and then love blankets the scene. Healing the world is not for the timid. But, this is our responsibility. This is why we are here, and this is why we were led to Reiki.

Some might call this service work. We are serving humanity. We send loving thoughts that are followed by loving actions. I have experienced firsthand, and I know you have too, how Reiki can raise the energy in a space. Your light and your energy have a profound effect on everyone you meet. It even has an effect on the many guides and helpers who maybe you haven’t officially met just yet. As Reiki flows so does life. God Bless & Be Well and keep striving, keep hoping, keep loving. We need you now more than ever.



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