By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

All of us have been given an amazing gift. This complimentary offering is always available to us. Yet, many are too busy, and as a result they miss out entirely on the many benefits of something that is so simple and so good for us. During these complicated times, a dose of simplicity can go a long way in helping to ease our overworked brains. It costs us nothing and can actually save us time and energy. It sounds too good to be true, huh?

Now, more than ever, it is important for us to be energy efficient. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, the gift I speak of recharges us, eases stress, dramatically improves our focus, reduces eyestrain, eliminates tension headaches, brings peace of mind and even heals us, as well as those who are closest to us. As a result of these many benefits, we become much more energy efficient as we tap into our own reserves. I am referring to the wondrous gift of unplugging… (I just heard a gasp!)

This beautiful area that we get to call home was made for the unplugging and rebellious explorer. We are surrounded by beauty and do not have to look very far to find healthy options to enhance our off-line adventure. But, unplugging can be embraced anywhere and at any time. Commit to your wellbeing and just leave CNN, Fox News, Facebook, Twitter and the endless list of sensory overload vehicles right where they are. They all serve their purpose, but they are not welcome in our unplugged and expansive world of silence, peace and reflection.

Retreat…even if for just a moment, and tune into a greater frequency – one where your higher self dwells – above all of the noise. You don’t have to share, like, comment or get worked up over things you have no control over anyway. Just savor this instant and become one with your “UPD” (Unpluggedness).

Ahhh…It feels good, doesn’t it? Have you always considered yourself a bold individual who does things your own way, and still likes to stick it to “the man” at any opportunity? Well, now is your time to shine. Make yourself at home in your own space. You will find no distractions, and no sponsored ques developed to entice you to react, buy, ingest or waste your energy in a non-productive way. This is your time and your space to savor as you wish.

Our “happily ever after” begins with this moment – right now. Once we realize that all timing is divine, we cherish each and every second – even when all forms of media are doing their part to fill us with fear and anger, as they seem hell bent on destroying our peace of mind. In addition, I just confirmed with my sources that the sky is indeed not falling. The crystal clear Rocky Mountain blue sky that I am looking at means many things to me; and falling is not one of them. We have the power to choose how we look at things. Look at the world with wonder through the eyes of a child who has not yet been given his or her own hand-held device.

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