By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

This article first appeared in the Spring, 2016 issue of “Reiki News Magazine” (without the poems)

Our thoughts and our intentions are much stronger than most people realize. I learned this fact thanks to many distance healing opportunities, which presented themselves to me shortly after becoming a Reiki Master. I helped Laveen, a woman truck driver who could not sleep while on the road. Every time she fell asleep she would have a nightmare where she saw herself sleeping in the back of the cab while her partner drove them off of the road resulting in a tragic accident. Her mind was working overtime during each tiresome day and restless night.

I sent her distance Reiki, which helped her sleep for the first time in a very long time. I focused on sending her emotional and mental healing to calm her down. My intentions were on preparing her for sleep by slowing down the wheels that were spinning inside of her head. I could literally see the wheels slow down and change as I sent Reiki to Laveen. What were once large, rusty, metal wheels, with sparks flying off of them, became smooth, shiny golden circles that evolved into the power symbol. I incorporated all of the symbols into her treatments.

Most of our fears and other problems originate in the mind. This is why I begin each Reiki treatment by focusing on the person’s emotions as the warm energy calms the person. Once someone is relaxed they will more easily accept and welcome the healing energy, which then goes where it needs to go. When their desire to receive Reiki is in alignment with the flowing love of the Universal Life Force, the results can be dramatic.

My daughter Sarah and I had introduced her mother-in-law, Pam, to Reiki. I had the pleasure and the honor of teaching a Reiki I and II class with attunements for my daughter and my wife at the same time. Sarah planted the Reiki seed with Pam before I was involved. Pam had reached that place in life where many of us find ourselves at times. She had accepted something she did not want to accept – she was going blind. When we asked her if she was interested in receiving Reiki from a distance, her response was, “Sure. Why not.” Sarah and I sent her double whammy treatments, which helped her eyesight dramatically improve. That’s how Reiki works. It just does.

Pam has Retinitis Pigmentosa and was told by doctors that she would eventually go blind after the steady deterioration of her eyesight. I got to hear about the doctor’s reaction when she showed up for an examination and her eyesight had actually improved after receiving Reiki on a regular basis. She had even regained her peripheral vision which had been lost years earlier. The doctors had never seen anything like this before with any of their patients who had this condition. She freaked out the first time she saw cars in the outside mirrors on her car. But, then she relished in the return of her peripheral vision.

I saw Pam recently and she explained that she was suffering from a migraine headache. On that day we had our first in-person Reiki treatment. After roughly 10 minutes on the treatment table, her migraine had vanished. She said she could hear a “whooshing sound” in her head during the session. I explained that Reiki’s new healing energy was taking over the space that had been occupied by lower energies where things like pain and migraine headaches like to dwell. These lower vibrations cannot withstand the higher frequencies of healing energy. I could see Reiki’s light clearing her head as the negative vibrations were released through her ears. Pam was now full of love, light, joy and hope rather than pain, angst and darkness. It was a transformation. As mentioned, this was her first in-person Reiki treatment. We had sent Pam distance healing roughly 15 times over the course of about 6 months.

Another time, my sister was visiting my dad at a very challenging time and I offered to send her some Reiki. With my intentions I focused on sending her love. My goal was to bring love to the situation, as I believe love can conquer anything. When she returned from the trip, I asked her if she felt the Reiki and if she could tell me where she had felt any sensations. She immediately responded, “In my heart!” I said, “Great! That’s where I was aiming.” As we become more experienced with Reiki, our ability to focus on specific healing results improves. The more we use the gift of Reiki, the more it expands.

My intention to help others continues to grow every day. It’s amazing how things happen and how people come into our lives. We become like magnets as we work with the universe at higher levels bringing hope and love to so many who suffer alone in the shadows of pain and fear. We bring light to the situation. As a result, we get to see the amazing transformation of a person’s life. When pain leaves, everything changes. I know this from firsthand experience.

Reiki found me at a time when I was experiencing great pain in my hands. Typing was a real challenge as was playing the guitar and doing simple things that required the use of my hands. After having my hands x-rayed, the findings were stated as, “Significant degenerative changes seen most dramatically involving the first carpometacarpal joint.” The bottom line is I had no cartilage in my thumb joint and without nature’s cushion, everything involving the use of my hands hurt. I was now convinced that cartilage just couldn’t live in my body, as my hip degeneration had been similar as the cartilage disappeared and my hips were rubbing bone on bone prior to my two successful hip replacements.

I wore hand braces during the day when I typed and then wrapped my hands in ice bags at night to numb the pain. Even without the ice bags my hands were always ice cold. They ached around the clock. As a traveling salesman, I shook a lot of hands. I remember one day shaking hands with a man whose firm handshake almost brought me to my knees in pain. I’m sure my usual smile was more of a grimace at that moment.

The fear of the unknown moved in as I scheduled hand surgery and prepared for a lengthy rehabilitation that would take me away from my job for an extended period of time as the hands healed. There were no guarantees that the surgery would completely eliminate the pain. But, I was running out of options as the pain lingered and I found myself being pulled into that dark place where pain flourishes while my wellbeing suffered. Those old dark feelings of fear that I had lived with prior to my hip surgeries came back with a vengeance. The date had been set for the first hand and I was looking for any relief I could find before that day.

Then, Reiki found me through Tanya, my massage therapist. Before one of our sessions, she spoke about Reiki and offered to do a full treatment for me. In her New Orleans drawl, she said, “Now, don’t think I’m weird Jeff just because I stand in one place for a long time and it doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything.” She gave me an overview of Reiki and the whole idea seemed a little far-fetched to me. However, I was in that place where I had accepted what I didn’t want to accept. I had been told that surgery on both of my hands was necessary.

After the treatment I felt so much better. I read all I could about Reiki as my interest had been piqued. Then, I met my Reiki Master about the same time. (How that happened is an amazing story for another time.) After the Reiki I class and attunement the pain in my hands left almost instantly. I initially focused primarily on self-healing as my confidence grew and my Reiki journey unfolded as my life transformed.

 Reiki Changed Everything

I heard about Reiki healing

Not that long ago

The pain that I was suffering from

Was a daily blow by blow


Surgeries scheduled and dates were set

My stress was at all time high

Then Reiki came into my life

Gave me hope and opened my eyes


I was skeptical at first

Many others feel the same way

How can it possibly quench my thirst

And help me on this day


I was in so much pain

Really at the end of my rope

Then Reiki fell into my lap

And immediately helped me to cope


I literally could not believe

The immediate relief I felt

Suddenly I was so relieved

Giving thanks on my knees I knelt


Surgeries cancelled – no need at this time

Thank you but no thank you I said

The pain I knew had gone away

No longer felt I’d be better off dead


Reiki changed everything

Please believe this when I say

It transforms lives and makes us whole

A perfect gift to give away


There really is no time or space. Our thoughts and intentions affect others just like they affect us. How we use our energy determines our state of being as well as those who come in contact with us. Remember this the next time you are thinking about someone or giving them Reiki. The amazing gift of healing can improve lives beyond our wildest dreams. I never grow tired of seeing the transformations that take place. I have seen it up close and personal as I recently took a leave of absence to help my wife heal from Fibromyalgia. But, that’s another story.


Long Distance Transformation

(With a nod to Chuck Berry’s “Memphis”)

Long Distance Transformation

Can you send me some Reiki

Help me with the pain

That is really ailing me


I heard about this healing

But I’m a little skeptical

On Facebook saw a message

And it sounds incredible


Help me transformation

Get in touch with my Reiki

I’ve tried just about everything

To kill this pain you see


My pain it is all over

Need transformation please

Too young to just roll over

This pain it will not ease


Last time I felt well

Was a long, long time ago

Living in a real hell

I need this pain to go


Long Distance Transformation

Can you help me pretty please

I’m ready and I’m open

And I’m praying on my knees

 Reiki has introduced me to people all around the world who I have been able to help with their long-distance transformations.Pain is a universal issue but so is healing. With our intentions we really can heal the world. Here are some comments from someone who I have never met face-to-face. We have only communicated via e-mail and Facebook.

“I met Jeff on a Reiki forum and asked for healing for a medical condition. Jeff sent me healing on a regular basis and I was overwhelmed by the difference it made. Literally minutes after he started sending healing I could feel my pain easing. I felt the burning pain I was experiencing melt away and when he sent Reiki to help me sleep I would get sleep that night. I am so pleased I connected with Jeff and can’t recommend him highly enough. Peace.” Kim Green, United Kingdom

 Jeff Baird is an Unlimited Reiki Level III Master Teacher who lives in Evergreen, Colorado. He is the owner of Sunrise Reiki and Baird Consulting. He can be reached at (720) 250-8107 or via e-mail at His book, “Messages: Book One” is available on Amazon and a free excerpt can be downloaded at He is writing a new series of books based on his Reiki experiences.

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