By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

“BODY HEAL THYSELF” is the name of an article that recently appeared in ‘Popular Science.’ A sidebar in the piece proclaims: “The answer to curing disease might not lie in a lab or in a pill but within ourselves.” Daniel Engber wrote this short but powerful article. Well done Daniel.

True healing comes from within. A person who really wants to heal can have a miraculous life transformation when they focus on healing, rather than spending time on things that could go wrong, or imaginary fears that they create on their own. Our thoughts are very powerful and deserve our attention. Do not let them run away from you, leading you down rabbit holes and into dark areas of worry and despair. Keep your thoughts and ideas close to your heart, instead of allowing them to run wild. Be positive; no matter what. Only you can do this. Nobody else can do it for you. This is important to remember because we are indeed what we think about.

Like Tom Petty said, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” Like countless other fans out there, I love Tom Petty and his words, including the simple but powerful quote mentioned above. It’s so true. How much time do we waste with worrying about things that probably won’t happen anyway?

The first step with any healing is to begin with the basics. Number one at the top of the list is to pay attention to our thoughts. Do not get lost in thoughts of worry laced with visions of pain, misery and suffering. It’s wasted energy. These types of thoughts attract more of the same; and will only strengthen any pain or misery that we might be experiencing. Instead, we should use our energy for a more positive outlook. This is where all healing begins – a single feeling of wellness rather than sickness, regardless of the situation. Have you ever noticed how some people recover from illness quicker than others? There are good reasons for that, beginning with one’s state of mind.

Have you ever called into your workplace sick? The call where you try to sound sick and pitiful with the weak and scratchy sounding voice conveying your made up miserable condition. And guess what? You start to kind of feel sick and kind of buy into the whole idea. Well, my throat’s kind of scratchy, I guess. So, I’m not really lying… You reason with yourself. You fake a cough or two during the call. Then, when you return to work, the person who sits by you suddenly starts to say he’s a little under the weather. Then, the woman who sits on the other side of him starts to feel “a little achy.” Next thing you know, you have an office full of so called sick people who are not being very productive. Back in the day, when I wanted to stay home with my wife and young kids, I made calls just like this and witnessed exactly what I described earlier. I’m guilty.

Thoughts, and the law of attraction are powerful. Be careful what you think about and what those thoughts will attract. In the calling in sick story mentioned, the whole thing was made up and total B.S. Yet, there were ripple effects. Nothing good came out of it other than I got to spend a day with my family. True story – a week later I got sick and really did need to stay home. Karma is a funny thing.

Always think wellness. Do not focus on sickness or fears generated from things you have seen happen or heard about happening to others. When it comes right down to it, none of that really matters. We are all unique individuals and like nobody else. There’s only one of you. Don’t ever forget that. Just because something bad happened to someone else does not guarantee that you will be met with the same kind of fate. Think good thoughts. You deserve to feel your best. Don’t allow sick thoughts to take up space in your head. Kick ‘em out! Sometimes, we have to fight for our wellness.

One of the first Reiki precepts that I heard very early on in my healing journey, that literally stopped me in my tracks, and then changed my life was, “Just for today, do not worry.” When I first heard it, I had no idea what that concept meant because I worried about everything. And, just like Petty said, most of it never happened. Reiki taught me how to turn that useless switch off; and focus on being present rather than distracted by crazy notions. As a result, I have more consistent energy throughout the day. I no longer waste my energy on things that do not serve me well. Reiki Masters are energy efficient.

I have a Reiki class coming up soon, and I am so grateful and excited for that event. For me, it means that we are once again, expanding the amazing gift of healing that is Reiki. This makes me very happy as the world needs healing – now more than ever. As Reiki practitioners, we do our part by healing the world one person at a time.

Once a person has a thought of wellness and really believes it, then the Reiki healing energy can flow and work its wonders. If that thought is not there, the healing will be delayed or simply won’t take place. It has to come from within as we tap into our own healing energy. The body was made to heal itself and Reiki’s healing energy is available to anyone who is ready to heal and embrace their wellness at a very deep level. I have seen Reiki heal just about every physical ailment you can think of. It also heals mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I write about the healings I experience because I want others to discover the same gift that was given to me. At one point in my life, I was the most skeptical, jaded person walking the planet. Then, Reiki came along and took my pain away. This was literally the last thing I expected. Then, I watched it remove pain from others and I could no longer ignore the infinite possibilities of healing. This amazing journey continues as I work with people from every walk of life as well as animals. Pain is certainly universal, but so is healing.

During a Reiki treatment, I put my hands over my clients’ ears. Chances are they have been hearing things they don’t want to hear from other people, especially doctors. Reiki clears out all of that bad news and negativity, and then brings a new healing energy of calm and comfort. The look of relief on someone’s face after a treatment is something I never grow tired of. Nothing else can compare to how I feel when I watch someone get well. Healing is the ultimate team effort, and I have been a part of many team victories. Go Team!

* “Most things I worry about never happen anyway” is from the Tom Petty song “Crawling Back to You,” from the album, “Wildflowers.”

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