By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

I originally wrote this article a couple of years ago. But, these days I am doing so much work with dogs, I felt compelled to share it again. We have had the honor of helping many dogs and their owners with Reiki treatments. As a result, we will be exhibiting at the Denver Pet Expo in August; and spreading the good word about Reiki to thousands of pet owners. This one’s for you Janice, Penny and Yvette. And, of course, it’s for you too Sylvie.

How can I explain the love that I have for Sylvie, a Labradoodle who took a piece of my heart the day that we brought her home when she was just a puppy? How in the world can I accurately convey the moments we have shared together? With the most expressive face I have ever known, just minutes ago, she let me know how grateful she is, and how good it is to be alive. The feeling is mutual. I thought we were going to lose Sylvie just a few days ago. I had never seen her so sick, and even told my wife two nights ago that I thought Sylvie was getting ready to pass. Thankfully, it was not the first time I have been wrong in my life, and I know that it won’t be the last.

Sylvie has been a key member of our family for about 10 ½ years now and has shown us what it means to be all heart and soul in all that you do. She was very athletic in her younger years and still goes above and beyond with everything she does – including surviving a kidney infection and other painful ailments from her many adventures. She moves a little slower these days. The other night when she couldn’t sit or stand up, refused hand fed sirloin steak, would not drink any water and was in so much pain, that I could literally feel it… Well, I invited Reiki into the mix.

As we have aged together, Reiki has been an important part of our lives. It is so good for any aches and pains or whatever is ailing us. Muscles can get sore and joints stiffen up after long hikes in the mountains. At night, I give Sylvie some Reiki to ease her pain, and the results can be significant. During those treatments, she always lets me know when she has had enough energy, and I can then focus on any aches and pains that I might be experiencing. She does this by moving away or giving me a look that says, “Thanks. I’m all good now.” These sessions are usually about 5-10 minutes long.

For the last few days, I have lay by her side and kept a continuous flow of Reiki flowing. At times, I put one hand over my heart and the other over her heart. Other times, I put both hands on her in various positions. Mainly, I just held her in an embrace. My hands were on fire as she absorbed the healing energies of Reiki. She never once tried to move away or let me know that she had had enough energy. In her weakened state, she absorbed all of the energy she could, knowing full well what I was doing, and my intentions to help her heal. Sylvie is a very wise soul.

We also had medications from the vet to give to her. Reiki complements any healthcare methods and can do no harm. Reiki practitioners are not doctors, but rather, we are facilitators of healing. We can actually expedite the entire recovery process as the energy heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Any living thing can benefit from the amazing gift that is Reiki.

As Sylvie lay next to me in misery, with her forearm laying over mine, she struggled to breathe, choking and coughing. I learned again (I’m a slow learner) that thoughts are things, and everything expands. It was important for me to check myself and keep any thoughts of losing Sylvie out of my mind. There was an internal battle happening as I tried my best to avoid old thoughts and patterns of behavior from when we had lost our other canine family members. I needed to focus on love and healing and leave any negative notions far, far away.

Sandy, Sylvie’s younger Labradoodle sister, knew that her partner was not well. Sandy is the most sensitive, loving dog I have ever known. She knows when you’re not feeling well. The three of us lay on the floor, very close to each other. Dogs can obviously hear and smell much better than humans and their sensitivity is also on a much higher level. I am convinced that like me, she also felt Sylvie’s pain.

This past weekend was spent primarily on being with Sylvie – heart and soul. What could possibly be more important than spending time with a loved one and helping them to heal? Everything happens on its own time and this is why it is so important for us to remember to always be in the moment. Make the most of each moment and be grateful for each lesson learned. Today is going to be a great day – no matter what happens. I can feel it, and I can see it in Sylvie’s big brown eyes. The gift of healing and wellness is the gift that just keeps on giving. Thank God for Reiki.

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