By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I love dogs. Always have. They love me too. I spoil them rotten and many times follow their lead. “Yeah, maybe we do need to go outside…” We live with Bella, who is just over two years old. She’s a Golden Mountain Doodle. Stella, the clear head of the household, is almost 4.5 years old and she’s 10% Poodle and 90% Flat Coated Retriever. We’re close and when one of us is hurting the other one feels it. It breaks my heart if they are in any kind of pain, but I have Reiki. Thank God for Reiki. It always makes them feel better and that makes me very happy.

Recently, when Stella injured her ACL, I immediately turned on the Reiki and she was very accepting. She is smarter than many humans I know. Seriously. This dog is smart and she understands Reiki and she’s walking noticeably better thanks to chilling out on the activity and replacing it with healing energy. We’re having her knee x-rayed in early August, and in the meantime, we are doing our very best to keep our activities to a minimum, which is not easy.

We’re always doing something fun together. Whether it’s chasing a ball on our 2.1 acres, rough housing with Bella 24/7, throwing the ball down the hallway when it’s raining again, going to the dog park or chasing the glare of the sun by constantly opening and closing a door to shine the glare of the afternoon sun on the back of another door. Chasing the light also involves running up and down about 6 stairs. As you can see, Stella could have injured her ACL any number of ways.

I’m kind of over my guilt. “If only we hadn’t thrown the ball yesterday…Maybe she wouldn’t be injured…” But, what are ya’ gonna do? She loves to play, and like I said, she is the clear leader of the household. So, we play all the time or we’re going to the park or any number of places…normally. We had to put the brakes on. She injured her ACL and Reiki is helping her walk better. She stopped limping. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Like I said earlier, if one of us is hurting the other one feels it. I definitely felt her pain and we are working through it. When she stopped limping, hope came back on the scene. Our whole way of life and playing together was just turned upside down. And, once again, Reiki is there to help things along. It’s not easy, but Reiki is making it easier.

I’ve helped countless animals. There have been so many rescued dogs and horses that I have shared Reiki with. In every case, they had an understanding of what I was trying to do, and they were open to it. I never forced Reiki on them. It doesn’t work that way. They came to me. I just waited for them. It never took very long.

One poor dog that comes to mind had been abused so bad and was here, from another state. His existence had pretty much been tied to a chain for his entire life, outside braving the elements with no water and the occasional beating from the owner. I met him at a ranch. Needless to say, things like kindness were foreign to this poor soul. Growing up I always heard dogs have no souls. One of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard.

Stella, like every other animal I have worked on loves her Reiki. And, just like everybody else, when she’s good, she’s good. She lets me know she’s had enough for now and so I stop the flow of Reiki. But, I have been giving it to her in short bursts throughout the day. And, thankfully, Reiki is delivering just like it always does. While I was typing this, she just got up and walked away without a limp. That’s a big deal. If you know of any dog or any other animal that is hurting, please consider Reiki. You’ll be glad that you did.

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