By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Trust is a big word. As Reiki continues to work in my life, I have learned the importance of trusting at a much higher level. Trusting people is one thing. Trusting Higher Sources is quite another as we walk in faith with the understanding that we are loved and protected by our Guardian Angels at all times. When we firmly believe with our heart and soul that we are being taken care of, our positive outlook transforms whatever challenges we face, attracting the positive energy waves that we are transmitting. Everything is energy and we definitely get back whatever we are putting out into the universe.

Ever notice how you feel when you don’t trust someone or something? Our whole aura changes as our defenses are on high alert and we prepare to fight or take flight to a safer space. I have many scars from being burned by people I trusted over the years. But, when it comes to Higher Sources and Guardian Angels, they have always taken care of me, guiding me through difficulties and helping me make it through whatever challenges I may be facing.

This morning, I was finishing Raven Keyes’ powerful book, “the Healing Light of Angels.” Raven had a way of sharing her experiences with Angels that was so inspiring and thought provoking. She talked about Higher Sources in such a loving, trusting and matter of fact way. Her face would just light up with a magnificent glow. When she passed recently, my first thought was, “She is very comfortable in the angelic realm and will continue to do her healing work – just from a much higher place.” I am so grateful that I was able to take her Medical Reiki Training in 2022. God Bless You Raven. Thank you for everything you taught us – especially to trust in Higher Sources.

When you have that uneasy gut feeling, pay attention to it. That’s God’s way of whispering in your ear to be aware and to proceed with caution. It seems like I usually end up getting into trouble when I ignore that feeling or try to sweep it under the rug. “Yes, I see many red flags, but I’ll be okay.” Looking back over the years, those types of situations have never worked out for me.

One of my favorite scenes from “It’s a Wonderful Life” is when Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey is down on his luck and shakes Potter’s cold and clammy hand. Up until that point George was ignoring his gut feeling about Potter and considering his job offer. But, after shaking Potter’s hand, he is brought back to reality and realizes that Potter is not a man to be trusted. And, of course we all know about George’s Guardian Angel, Clarence, who finally earns his wings after saving George’s life. It is a wonderful life indeed when we are open to the possibilities that Angels share with us, gently nudging us as we go along our way.

For me, Angels use a number of methods to get my attention – especially when I need it most. It can be so easy to slip off track, get caught up in the moment and lose our perspective on the big picture. This is when Angels do their greatest work – whether it be in the lyrics of a song, a conversation with another or the irony of an event to drive the point home. To ignore the gentle nudges from Higher Sources is never a wise thing to do. They have shown me countless times how much they love me and why I need to trust them, rather than go running down a rabbit hole filled with uncertainty and fear. Again, everything is energy and everything expands. We choose how we use our energy – whether it be positive or negative. Choose wisely because the ripple effects from this one decision can be significant.

Reiki taught me, “Just for today, do not worry and do not anger.” To go against these simple but powerful words is never in our best interests and a direct slap in the face of God if we truly believe in the Higher Sources that are always there to help us with our healing work. Why worry and why get angry when we have been shown time and time again that our Guardian Angels always have our back? We learn to trust as we move forward with the confidence and peace of mind that comes along with trusting God as well as our Higher Self to do the right thing – no matter what.

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