By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Distance Reiki has become a gift that I have learned to appreciate more and more every time I hear about the results or see them afterwards. You can’t make this stuff up and that’s why I still write about it so often. For me, Reiki is always fresh – bringing me new insights and a deeper love as it shines its magnificent light into my soul. I’ve been sending Reiki remotely since 2012 and just last week I marveled yet again at Reiki’s timing and power as I was on the receiving end of the healing energy for a change.

Recently, I took a serious fall that could have been so much worse. Wasn’t paying attention and brought the whole thing on myself. I was in some serious pain and was doing my best with self-Reiki but my hands were swollen and cut up and really sore. I continually had my hands cupping each other as Reiki flowed throughout the injured area.

My daughter is a Reiki Master who I attuned and she loves to send what she calls “The Heat.” And, man does she ever send the heat! I healed quicker thanks to her Distance Reiki. I’m more proud than ever of my “little girl.” She always amazes me at how much she gets out of 24 hours, but experiencing her Distance Reiki when I needed it so badly strengthened our already strong bond and brought it to a whole new level. The Teacher learned from the student and the results were amazing.

I’m rarely on the receiving end of Distance Reiki because I am usually sending the love from above to others. After receiving Reiki, it helped me heal physically, mentally, emotionally and definitely spiritually too. It raised my vibration at a time when I was literally beat up and beat down. Reiki got me back in the game. I watched my progress in amazement as different pains lessened and my mobility improved sooner rather than later. Reiki proved once again that it can improve any situation. It always delivers and for that I am very grateful – both as a Reiki Master and as a Reiki recipient.

Reiki is needed in our world now more than ever. The pain and suffering that we are inflicting on each other as a species is beyond inhumane. We are all connected and that’s why Distance Reiki works. Hate is not interested in hearing things like we’re all connected while innocent people are being killed for no reason. But, we are. We are all connected. All living things are connected. Reiki taught me this fact and I will never look at life the same way again. There’s no going back.

I have had the honor of learning from some of the greatest spiritual teachers who opened my eyes and my heart. They all had their own style and the ability to reach me at the soul level. They also gave me the confidence to learn new healing techniques while trusting my own. A seed would be planted and it was up to me whether that seed grew or not. Distance Reiki is a seed that grew like a beanstalk and added so much meaning to my life. To be able to receive the healing energy from my Daughter and witness my own healing is one of the greatest gifts Reiki has given me. I always say Reiki is the gift that keeps on giving. Amen.

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