By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Just started reading Raven Keyes’ “Medical Reiki” book again. The very first time I read this book, I couldn’t put it down and found myself saying, “Yes!” as tears filled my eyes. Finally! Reiki was getting the kind of respect it deserved and Raven was the one shining her light so bright on Reiki and leading the way for all of us. Raven Keyes was a pioneer, trailblazer, brilliant angel walking among us, spirit of light, love and hope living in her truth and sharing it with the world. Her honesty and real life knowledge of Reiki stopped me in my tracks as I turned another page of Medical Reiki at my breakfast table.

The stories of Raven helping so many after the 9/11 tragedy were such powerful demonstrations of her incredible courage and belief in the healing work of Reiki. On the front lines? Yes. She certainly was on the front lines and her health suffered because of that experience. But, that experience led her to take her belief in Reiki to an even higher level and share it with others in such a direct, matter of fact and loving way.

Thank you Raven. You were writing books about what I was thinking about when it came to Reiki. I have never agreed with another author so much as I kept saying, “Yes!” I felt a connection to you immediately. I was humbled to the core by your courageous and bold love that you showed after 9/11. Bad ass? Yep. Raven was many, many things, Bad Ass certainly being one of them. I feel blessed to be on Raven’s Team. I wouldn’t want to be the bad guys with Raven leading the way for the rest of us.

Raven just beamed when she spoke. I am so grateful I was able to take her class last August and be in her presence. The light coming from her through the Zoom call was something like I had never seen before. It’s one of those, “you had to be there” examples.

Her Distance Attunement was so powerful and the things she was saying during that time were obviously coming from Higher Sources. During the attunement, it was so comforting to hear the Angels speak through Raven as my truth touched me at such a deep level that it’s hard for me to explain. It was personal and at the soul level. I could see the Angels circling overhead as Raven shared her love and respect for them in such a heartfelt way. It was a beautiful conversation and I feel blessed that I got to listen to the Angels, thanks to Raven. I’m eternally grateful.

Raven’s light was so obvious to everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, she took a Zoom call to a whole new level as she lit up the screen. Her voice was also comforting. During her Medical Reiki class it was a combination of Raven speaking and her many Angels who were always nearby. This is why you had to pay attention and it was an honor to pay attention. I found myself literally hanging on her every word, and that’s not easy to do. Unless you’re Raven Keyes. She made things look easy but she did a lot of hard things to pave the way for the rest of us. We need to show our love and respect by shining our light and doing the work. That’s how Raven would have wanted it, I think.

Raven’s book, “Medical Reiki” is what led me to her class. After reading it, I was like, I have to meet this woman. She spoke her truth in her book and her honesty and knowledge were such an amazing combination. She didn’t just talk about the work. She did the work. She lived the work. She touched so many lives and her sincere love for her fellow humans was just a way of life for her. She taught us so much leading by example. Live your Truth! That’s what Raven Keyes taught me.

Love. When I think of Raven, I’ll always think of love first. She spoke it and she lived it. Her love for the world just expanded when she left earth and made her way to help all of us Medical Reiki Masters from a higher realm. She’ll adjust easily to her new surroundings. As you know, she is very comfortable being in the presence of Angels. God Bless Raven Keyes.

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