By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Yesterday, during my Medical Reiki Master Training, Raven Keyes mentioned how we are able to deliver miracles thanks to Reiki. One of the benefits of being a channel for this sacred healing energy are the many comments I receive from people that receive Reiki from me. I get to wake up and read text messages, emails and have conversations with those I have been able to help by delivering their own miracle. What a blessing.

I could write an entire book featuring the many comments I get to hear from happy clients. Today, I wanted to share some of the more recent feedback I have received. If you are in any kind of pain please consider Reiki. You’ll be glad that you did.

“This morning I didn’t need the walker! What freedom!”

“The s#*! they are putting in my body is supposed to cause severe joint pain. But, guess what? My joints don’t hurt. I attribute that to your Reiki sessions.”

“There is a sense of harmony in our home that hasn’t been there for a very long time. Thank You.”

“I could feel this warm soothing energy running up and down my legs and then the pain was gone. Just like that!”

“I was finally able to get some sleep. It’s been months maybe even years since I had a deep sleep like I had last night.”

“My doctor is baffled. He said he has never seen anyone recover as quickly as I have. He told me to keep on doing whatever it was that I was doing.”

“We have had such a tough time the last couple of years. After last night’s Reiki session with you, I feel hopeful again. Starting to feel like my old self. You’re a miracle worker.”

“He finally let go and passed on. Now he has peace. We all have peace. Thank you.”

“My back is pain free! How is that even possible? Sure glad I called you. You made a believer out of me.”

“He’s back to playing hard all day and sleeping all through the night without crying hysterically and calling out for me!”

“What exactly did you do last night? My migraine is gone!”

“She was crying tears of joy and told me how much she loved me. Then, we were both crying. But, they were tears of joy. The deep, intense pain had left her.”

“I would like you to work on my entire family. They are so curious about the changes that they have seen in me.”

“I could literally feel the pain leaving my body and coming out through the bottoms of my feet.”

“Your Reiki gave me a sense of well-being that is hard for me to put into words. Just know that you made me and my husband very happy.”

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