By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I always loved that Queen song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” First time I heard it was when it came out in ’79. At the time, I was working in a factory and going to school at night – telling people who asked me that I wanted to be a writer. Nobody ever told me what a great idea that was except my good friend Ron. He was one of the toughest but kindest guys I have ever known.

I’ll always remember watching him pull out his air guitar and shredding it as the new Queen song blared through the speakers at a party we were at – misbehaving but having so much fun doing it. Ron was a biker’s biker and could be very intimidating if he wanted to be. Him and I had some kind of a special bond in spite of my wimpiness. I loved him. And, Reiki is Love. So, I nod to Freddie Mercury and The Heavens as I talk some more about this crazy little thing called Reiki.

Everything is energy. Reiki is a sacred energy that helps us heal from within – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That’s a lot of stuff! Think about it. For example, let’s say your knees hurt. Knees are about moving forward. That might mean moving forward with a new relationship or maybe a new job. Or, it could be that you want to move to another city but just can’t quite make it happen. In the meantime, both of your knees are really sore.

Pretty much everyone I have ever shared Reiki with has reaped the benefits of the energy soothing their knees. But, Reiki may also go to their heart because they are not feeling any love in their current situation. It will help them slow down on all levels and remember how to pause.

Just last night I worked on a woman with breast cancer who told me that Reiki helped slow her racing heart down so that she could literally take a breath and ground herself. She is determined to beat cancer and I definitely would not bet against her. Her knee was hurting but it’s much better now. Just like so many others I have known who stopped using their walkers, got out of wheelchairs, could run again, had no problem going up and down flights of stairs and countless other success stories. Some of those closest to me have had knee surgery too. Reiki will always expedite the healing whether it’s knees or anything else. It always delivers for our Highest Good.

The first story I heard about Reiki expediting the healing process was during my Reiki Level I Class. Steve, my Master, told me about a kid who broke his arm. A family member shared Reiki with him as they drove to the hospital. When the doctor finally saw them he asked why they had waited so long to come to the hospital. The broken arm looked like the accident had happened at least two weeks earlier, as once again Reiki expedited the healing process.

Like I said earlier, Reiki is Love and God knows our world can always use a little more Love. I get pumped up when I think about the countless other Reiki practitioners out there who are doing the work. There is great strength in numbers and our collective consciousness is about as real as it gets. This crazy little thing called Reiki demonstrates time and time again that we are all connected. It’s so important that as Reiki practitioners we keep our vibration high so that we are coming from a place of abundance as we share Reiki with the world. Let’s do this.

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