By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

How could I ever forget the moment Reiki first took my pain away? Unforgettable moment for sure. I remember saying, “How can that even be possible?” I was stressing out over my upcoming hand surgeries. There was no cartilage in my thumb joints and to try and do things like just type some words was met with in your face hand pain. Tanya, my massage therapist, was the first person to talk to me about Reiki.

In her awesome New Orleans accent, Tanya said to me, “Now, Jeff. Don’t think I’m weird or something if I just stand in one place and it doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything. I’ve only given Reiki to my cat before. You’re my first human guinea pig,” she laughed. She was one of those people who had such a great laugh that you couldn’t help but laugh along with her. Her laugh was contagious and we had some great belly busting laughs together. Then, she introduced me to Reiki and everything changed for me as I cancelled my hand surgeries.

A little over 10 years ago I heard about this Reiki stuff. I remember thinking, “How can that even be possible?” I wanted to heal the world. If a friend or family member had an ache or pain, I was ready to get into action as a Level I practitioner. Then, I wondered how come Reiki wasn’t more accepted? But, I soon discovered that there were a lot of like-minded people just like me all from over the world. I thought of Reiki as kind of my secret weapon as I started to work with it more often, using it for more things. I also did a lot of self-Reiki while I was flying on airplanes. I used to send Reiki to my dogs at home until it caused such a commotion before I actually arrived. My Distance Reiki made things difficult for my wife as the two dogs kept going to the door to see me. I was letting them know that I was coming home. Speaking of laughing, I lost it when I heard what was happening before I arrived. But, I also stopped sending our dogs Distance Reiki.

At the time, I wondered why Reiki wasn’t being used more in places like hospitals. Then, I met some great people in the healthcare field who shared Reiki with their patients. I just finished reading Raven Keyes’ outstanding book, “MEDICAL REIKI.” Ten years later, Reiki and many forms of human touch and energy healing are being used in healthcare. Reiki has been primarily for volunteers, but that is changing too. As I sit here, I think to myself, “How can that even be impossible?” All things are possible with Reiki as we heal ourselves as well as the world – one soul at a time.

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