By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Reiki practitioners have been given such an amazing gift. We are able to help others feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – both in-person and from a Distance. We share this God-given healing energy with all living things, always remembering the importance of self-healing as well. Everything is energy and Reiki’s energy heals. I’ve seen it happen too many times to think otherwise. We understand the power of prayer and Distance Reiki is prayer in action. We pray for and send Reiki to Afghanistan and the entire world.

We send Reiki to situations around the world in addition to individuals. Yes, we send Reiki to Afghanistan. We would be committing a crime against humanity if we didn’t send Reiki to Afghanistan. Reiki is welcome in any situation where there is any kind of pain or suffering. Reiki is Love, God is Love and Love is the highest vibration. We tap into this powerful force and share it with others to help lift them up. We really can make a difference.

We work with Reiki’s sacred symbols if we have been properly introduced to them through a Reiki Level II Class or higher. If we are not familiar with the symbols, we still tap into Reiki’s energy, keeping our vibration high as we send our prayers above to God and The Hierarchy. If we are not a Reiki practitioner, we still understand the importance of positive energy and do our best to help others along the way. Kind is the new Cool. All of us can be kind to each other.

We were told a long time ago to “Love One Another.” Evil is still evil and always will be. But, Love is the eternal truth, the highest command, the gift from above with endless possibilities when our love is true. When it comes from the heart, it comes from our soul, our very core. Reiki is a higher vibration that eases pain and brings comfort along with a feeling of peace and the promise of hope. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Reiki all those years ago when I was so skeptical. Fast forward to today, almost 10 years later, and I continue to see the power of Reiki at work every time I tap into the life force energy. During Covid, I rediscovered the amazing self-healing benefits of Reiki. It is important for us to remember to take the time for self-care so that our vibration is high when we share Reiki with others. Thank you for joining me, as together we Pray for and send Reiki to Afghanistan and the entire world.

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