By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

In 2015, I met and learned from a Level 7 Shaman who taught me more in one month than I think I learned in an entire year of school. She opened my eyes to so many things and for that I am eternally grateful. She walked the spiritual talk and still does. I just saw her recently at another one of her new rock and crystal shop openings. The place was packed and for good reason. Brooke was there and her energy is off the charts. She was the first person to talk to me about friendly, loving visitors that we cannot see with the naked eye. She would tell me who was in my “field” and what they wanted to tell me on that day. We always had the most incredible spiritual jam sessions and I would leave her place feeling transformed. I was seeing her a few times a week and we became good friends. My world was being rocked and I absolutely loved it.

God’s massive army of angelic helpers is full of friendly visitors who are always there when we need them. We just have to make sure that our vibration is high enough to connect with them. Reiki raises our vibration and as a result, many friendly, loving angels show up during Reiki sessions and at other times too. Like I always say, as a Reiki Master, I am nothing more than a middle man. God’s energy does all of the heavy lifting for me and you can feel it when angels are nearby. Their love vibration raises the energy of a room and brings everything to a higher level.

One night I was watching TV with my wife and our home was spiritually active to say the least. I can see these images as they race across the room when we have friendly visitors in the house from another level. That night, there was a serious party going on in our family room. It was incredible to watch. I could see it all, but my wife couldn’t. Without thinking, I shouted, “Enough! Stop!” This scared the living daylights out of my wife until I told her why I said it. I know better than to share everything I experience as sometimes it can cause harm. But, at that moment, I was watching the friendly visitors instead of the show on TV. I scared my wife at first, but then reassured her that the activity was many loved ones dancing around and fluffing the drapes and stirring things up. We have lost many loved ones and they like to hang out with us here in our beautiful mountain home. They are always welcome here.

I have heard so many amazing things from my Reiki clients. They tell me about Jesus showing up or Mary appearing to them as they received Reiki. One woman told me that she felt like she was surrounded by angels during the Reiki session. She also saw her young daughter she had lost in the arms of God and said to me and her husband, “She’s alright. She’s alright. God has her. She’s in His arms. She loves me and she’s alright. I saw her Jeff.” This healing Reiki moment changed their lives forever as God and His friendly, loving visitors came into their lives and healed them at a very deep level, years and years in the making. They both felt so free from that moment on.

Angels I’ve known include friends, pets and family members – all my loved ones. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately as I hear the news about someone else passing who made such an impact on my life. We all know that death is just a part of life. But, it doesn’t make it any easier. Angels are here to show us that we’re going to be okay no matter what we may be dealing with. Some of the angels I’ve known weren’t exactly angels while they were here on Earth. But, they are now and I miss them. That’s why when they make their presence known, I pause. They are as real as you and me, just on a different level. They remind me to pause and that can be such a good thing. Pause. Don’t forget to breathe. Pause again and then repeat.

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