By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Throughout the land people argued and fought over anything left over for discussion from previous wars and conflicts. Everything was new again and open for heated debate, ugly taunts and barbaric behavior. This was the age of “Anything Goes!” There were so many new reasons to fight with others if they had a different opinion than us. Some thought the sky was blue while others called it a smoky, gray sky. Some said that it was orange, almost red at times, usually at the beginning or end of another day. Others claimed the sky was completely dark while some believed that the sky may be dark, but it was always the darkest before the dawn. But, too many did not believe that there would ever be another dawn. When it came to arguing and heated conflicts, even the sky wasn’t the limit. All battles were being fought on the world’s stage and even the tiniest conflict was destined to grow.

A great beaming white light appeared in the sky. At this moment, the sky was literally every color under the sun. It was an ever changing pattern of light, swirling clouds and golden specks that fell softly from the sky in every corner of the world. For the first time ever the people were in complete agreement and said the dust felt like a light feather as it touched them. Some said it felt like an entire body massage and adjustment – in an instant, as they suddenly felt light as a feather. The heartbeat of every living thing in the world beat in unison and seemed to be the perfect background rhythm for what was happening in the sky. The brilliant colors were so bright as the golden specks continued to fall like a very light rain.

The people were smiling and realized that they were a part of something bigger happening at this moment. They could feel the connection with the brilliant light and were drawn to it. Some dropped to their knees and sobbed tears of joy. The healing energy coming from the light felt like a warm, soothing blanket as the specks of gold swirled around the people and made kind of a giggling sound. It was a faint sound that grew and seemed contagious as so many others started to giggle and lighten up. The people finally realized at this moment that the sky was nothing to argue about. It was now obvious that the sky continually changed colors and did not remain blue, orange, gray or black. The arguments stopped as this new energy coming from above brought people together. They felt a connection with each other, like family. Nobody could explain this new sensation but everyone could feel it.

The brilliant white light continued to beam as rays of energy touched all living things on the ground. The beating hearts of every living thing touched by the light were in unison and much slower than they were earlier when the cosmic fireworks show in the sky was happening. Now, the sky was calm and filled with rainbows of every size and color while all of the planets were visible as well. The people continued to look above and all of them wondered why they had spent so much time arguing about the sky. They could feel the connection with others and realized they had a responsibility to be kind to others as it was the same as being kind to themselves. As their hearts beat as one, the people could clearly hear the words that were being whispered in their ears: “Love one another.” Everyone could hear the words so clearly as they focused on listening carefully and not on what they would say next. Be kind. Love one another. I heard those words and then woke up.

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