By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I always loved The Band’s song, “The Shape I’m In.” But, after watching the news I wondered what the lyrics would be if Mother Earth wrote the song in 2021. Lord have mercy it can be a mean old world. The song “Mean Old World” was recorded in 1942. It sure can be a mean old world. Today, I heard about a woman having her hair set on fire. But, then, I spoke to a woman who makes wigs for people with Cancer who have lost their hair. Later, I saw photos of babies in rubble. Then, I saw a photo of my Grandson. I saw homeless people with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back. Then, I looked at my Reiki treatment table and remembered how many people have told me that they felt like they were home while lying on that table.

Everything is energy and Love is still the most powerful force in the world. Sharing Reiki and all positive energy with others is a gift and a responsible act for Reiki practitioners and all Light Workers to help heal the world one soul at a time. It’s what we signed up for. We are here for a reason and what could possibly be more important than doing our part to help make the world a better place by sharing Love through the energy of healing. We really do become Reiki. It’s true. Embrace it Reiki People! We need you! The World needs you! Share your positive energy and be a shining light. Fight the darkness with the brilliant light that is Reiki.

There is great strength in numbers. When you have a global community of energy healers sending their vibration around the planet, you really can change the world. People are hurting. So many could benefit from stress reduction as too many people are just wound too tight. Reiki can help us loosen that knot. I’ve seen people so wound up I thought they were going to have a heart attack when they first walked in and then watch their stress melt away within minutes of receiving Reiki.

There are plenty of reasons to feel stress these days. But, has it ever been any more apparent that we really all are connected. This is why Distance Reiki works so well. I know there’s plenty of non-Reiki people who think I’m a kook and I just don’t care. I’ve seen Reiki heal too many living things to think anything other than this healing energy comes directly from our Creator. What a gift. Let’s all do our part and keep that positive energy flowing. God Bless You for all you do.

This article is dedicated to the ladies in the photo who are savings lives every day of the week. Their strength, dedication and spirit humbles me to my core.

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