By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Dear God,

Bless this land with your healing gifts as we make our way through this day. Bring Peace and Comfort to all living things as we continue to see so many examples of how we are all connected. Be with those who are experiencing pain and have given up hoping for a better life. Bless the children as they try to make sense of the confusion that seems to be everywhere their young eyes look.

Bless the healers and the lightworkers, and may they not take lightly the responsibility they have to share their gifts with the suffering. There is great strength in numbers and may your healing energy be spread around the world on this blessed day. Teach us to lift each other up and to love our brothers and sisters of all creeds, colors, shapes and sizes.

Bring us rain to clear the air and put out the raging fires that appear to be burning everywhere. Be with those brave souls on the front lines who are putting the needs of others ahead of their own. May they feel your strength during their long hours. Clear the skies and calm the raging waters for all who who have been devastated by flooding and violent storms that also seem to be everywhere we look.

May we feel your inner peace and the promise of this God given day as we do our best to live each moment to its fullest. In Your Sacred Name we Pray.


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