By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I love sharing stories about my experiences with healing visions during my Reiki classes. That part of the class is never the same; I can promise you that. Last week I had a Reiki Master tell me that she wanted to learn how to do Distance Reiki the way that I do it. We have had tremendous success working together as Reiki has delivered for her just like it always does – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Healing Visions that I receive and then share with her have been a big part of her healing.

One night she sent me a text describing exactly what I had been doing during our Distance Reiki session earlier that evening. Her text was like something that I had written to describe the Healing Visions that night and how Reiki and I were working together. She talked about the Holy Fire bubbles that were coming up through the bottoms of her feet as well as the bubbles of healing that were comforting her from above thanks to our Reiki Shower. She is a Reiki Master herself and very attuned to the healing possibilities of this amazing energy.

I remember the first time I had a Healing Vision during a Distance Reiki session. At first, I wasn’t sure, but then I learned to trust and that’s when amazing things happened. The rings of healing energy that I call “Saturn Rings” were one of the earlier healing visions that I received and then used on a person’s aching knees. The results were dramatic, life changing and convincing evidence for me to believe in Healing Visions and to trust their guidance. Her pain went away and I attribute most of that to Saturn Rings.

Your healing visions are your own. Trust them. Also, don’t forget the magnificent power of self-healing as you remember to use the healing visions on yourself too. We always put ourselves last, don’t we? The more we are open to the infinite possibilities of trusting our visions, the more we will receive. I am in awe of the healing visions that I have seen and will continue to trust them as I move forward.

Reiki’s magnificent symbols are alive and well and a big part of my healing visions’ repertoire. Also, as mentioned earlier, I have been working a lot with bubbles of Holy Fire lately. In my vision, the bubbles become the purest, brightest white light and surround the Reiki recipient with a healing glow of love, safety, peace, comfort and hope. May your healing visions bring you great happiness and peace of mind.

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