By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

This website is a global community as evidenced by the number of visitors from all around the world. You incredible people want to do something to help others and fully understand that Reiki is needed now more than ever. The healing energy always delivers three things – Love, Peace and Hope. In case you were wondering whether you can make a difference, just ask yourself if you think your world could use more love, peace and hope. May that question lead you to sharing Reiki in some manner. Your prayers and healing efforts are so needed and appreciated. God Bless You. You’re making a difference with your good intentions.

My days are filled with conversations with those who are taking action to make a positive difference in our world. These kind hearted and concerned souls know the world needs them now more than ever. They don’t have time to get distracted or take sides with any political agenda. They’re too busy helping others.

They have been scarred by the pandemic in some shape or form, just like all of us, and know that they need to focus on themselves first before they look to help others. I have had the honor of speaking to a couple of people who did their time behind bars. Now, they’re out of prison and they are committed to making a positive difference. They know they are wounded and need to be healed. But, they also know that they are capable of helping so many others in a big way too. They’re taking that first step by becoming a Health and Life Coach.

Over the years I have been so fortunate to live by neighbors who were always willing to help and capable of fixing so many things. Their willingness to help me made my life so much easier at critical times and made us the best of friends. They were living examples of goodness in action. Love thy neighbor indeed.

Watching helpers in action after the latest disaster always moves me so deeply. There are countless people who have had to endure hell here on Earth. The list of casualties is endless. Yet, there are so many who are hurting and still want to help others. I speak to a lot of healthcare workers on a daily basis. Their courage is reflected in everything they do, including talking to me on the phone. I can hear the strength in their voices and I can feel the energy that is coming from our conversation. My energy and what I experience with Reiki continues to evolve and grow as does my intuition.

Reiki practitioners help our hurting world every time we share the healing energy with others. We’re doing our part. We understand that our world needs to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – just like anyone else we share Reiki with – including ourselves. That’s why Reiki is so welcome and needed at this moment in time. The healing energy helps heal our body, mind and spirit.

Distance Reiki is as real as it gets and I do my best to share my experiences with you. I look forward to the day where I can do an in-person Reiki session for someone in addition to family members. But, until that time, I will continue to do my part by helping the world with Reiki from a Distance.

Everything expands. Before starting a Distance Reiki session, I like to start with self-Reiki and make sure I’m operating at a higher vibration while still remaining well grounded. Reiki on my knees sends the no longer needed energy through the ground. It helps me balance myself while the energy runs all through me, keeping me centered with a commitment to service. Reiki helps us serve the Highest Good.

I too understand that I need to help myself before helping others. For me, self-Reiki is always a good thing to do before sharing Reiki from a Distance. We help individuals, then any area where Reiki is needed. Sending Reiki to situations is always a good choice. There are plenty of situations around the world where Reiki is needed. We send the energy with a deep understanding and knowing that we are doing our part to heal a hurting world – one soul at a time.

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