By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I spoke to a retired woman today who had Covid for 4 months and is facing eye surgery in April because her ex-boyfriend hit her ” like a sledgehammer” and caused major damage to her eye. She also raised 6 girls and has 11 grandchildren. Before retiring she worked in criminal justice and has major mental health counseling credentials on her resume. She said to me, “Our criminal system doesn’t do much to help the victims.

I have met many brave women and the woman mentioned earlier is certainly one of the bravest. In spite of everything that has happened to her… Oh, I forgot to mention that she is losing her hair and having major abdominal pain. She just got home from the hospital. That whole experience that she described to me is another article all by itself. But, in spite of everything, and I haven’t mentioned everything, her major focus is on helping others. She wants to be a coach and help domestic violence survivors. She’s a brave soul and I told her it was an honor to speak to her.

Reiki has introduced me to many domestic violence survivors. During one session a woman said to me, “I’m so used to being hit so many times. This is a nice change. Thank you.” That brave soul brought tears of joy to my eyes when I saw first hand how much Reiki helped her. It was probably about five years ago when I got to bring her some comfort thanks to the amazing Lori Cuno, the Executive Director of PeaceWorks Inc. Lori arranged the Reiki sessions for us at a nice office I used to have in Evergreen.

Lori is a Reiki Master among so many other things. She’s a brave soul too and I’m honored to say that I introduced her to Reiki. From the first moment when I reached out to her she was so nice and open to learning about the healing energies. She started her Reiki journey with an in-person Reiki session with me. Then she introduced me to those brave souls at PeaceWorks, Inc. who were in hiding from their cowardly attackers. Lori gave these women some shelter from the storm. She was kind enough to share her Reiki experiences on my website under “More Stories.” Lori took her Reiki classes from me.

Lori is one of those people who I’m really glad is here and making such a difference. She deals with ugliness that is hard for me to even imagine. But, when you see Lori she has a smile on her face and a glow around her. She’s one of those brave souls and angels who walks amongst us. Her Distance Reiki stopped me in my tracks. My Dad had just passed away and I was working in the yard. I asked Lori for some Distance Reiki and boy did she deliver! It was a bright sunny day and I was busy doing a number of things on our beautiful mountain land. But, when I felt the healing energy I just sat down on the steps at the base of our deck with a big smile on my face. The energy from a distance felt like a heating pad. This is one Reiki Master who is very proud of his student. Lori’s Distance Reiki is something special – so powerful.

Sharing Reiki with abused dogs and horses gave me memories that I hold dear to my heart. I have been able to help so many abused animals from a Distance and in-person. There is something very special that happens when an animal realizes you are there to love them not hurt them. You have to share Reiki on their terms. Animals lead the session and their intuition and intelligence is much higher than most people realize – especially the cowards who abused them.

Early on in my Distance Reiki journey I was able to help “Phoenix,” a large dog in South America who had been beaten with shovels and buried alive. This was very early on when I had not experienced all of the incredible Distance healing sessions that I have been a part of more recently. I was just starting to believe in the possibilities of Distance Reiki but I didn’t know what I didn’t know yet. But, because of Phoenix, I started to realize that there was so much work to be done to spread the good word about Reiki.

During this time I was being contacted by people from all over the world thanks to my articles in “Reiki News Magazine.” And, then we created our website to act as a platform to help us spread the word about the healing possibilities of Reiki. I am so grateful for the Brave Souls among us who contact me for Distance Reiki sessions. Your strength inspires me more than you will ever know. God Bless You.

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