By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

It is fitting that I am spending this Valentine’s Day doing the work that I love. This morning I am putting the final touches on my new virtual Unlimited Sunrise Reiki Level I & II Advanced Class. This powerful class is a favorite of mine and will be better than ever. I am excited about the possibilities and looking forward to entering the world of virtual classes. I am so grateful for those who have gone before me and helped me reach the place where I am today on my healing journey.

For the first time, we will not be referencing manuals from other Reiki organizations. The training manuals that will be provided for upcoming virtual classes will be written by me. Timing is everything, and after 9 years of practicing Reiki, I am confident in my abilities as a writer and my knowledge as a Reiki Master Teacher. The exception will be the words of Torkom Saraydarian and the Ageless Wisdom which will be woven throughout the classes.

My Reiki journey so far is listed below:
January, 2012: USUI Reiki Level I
June, 2012: USUI Reiki Level II
June, 2014: Unlimited Reiki Level II Advanced
November, 2014: Unlimited Reiki Master
August, 2018: USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master
January, 2019: Holy Fire III Upgrade

Unlimited is a word that I resonate with when it comes to Reiki. The only limitations are the ones that we place on the healing energy ourselves. In my Level I class, students will be attuned to the higher vibration that is Reiki. This will allow them to share the gift of Reiki with others in-person, as well as for self-healing.

The next step taken in my Level II class will introduce students to Reiki’s sacred symbols as well as Holy Fire (The Eternal Flame), the Rising Star symbol that was given to me from Higher Sources and Christ Consciousness. This will allow students to share Reiki from a Distance. My Unlimited Sunrise Reiki Master Class will connect students with the Master Symbol and higher levels of healing that the Great Ones share with us.

Sunrise Reiki Colorado is many things, including a brand. I have been blessed and so fortunate to help so many with my Reiki sessions. My enthusiasm and childlike wonder is as real today as it was when Reiki first found me. But, since that day more then 9 years ago, I have been involved with countless healings that I write about on a regular basis. My classes will continue to be a reflection of my love for Reiki and my commitment to healing the world – one soul at a time. Please stay tuned for upcoming class dates for Spring and Summer. Thank You & Be Well.

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