By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this today. It means the world to me. A heartfelt Thank You, and I wanted to let you know that we are going to be updating this website. Will and his team did an amazing job of capturing the work I was doing a few years ago. Now, we are going to update some things to better reflect what is happening in our world at this moment in time.

For example, we will have more emphasis on Distance Reiki and remote Reiki classes. My nights are filled with magical moments thanks to Distance Reiki. My friend Pam Knock in Orlando, Florida described her first Distance Reiki session like this – “Jeff, you have had tremendous success with me. Isn’t that amazing to be reaching me from so far away (just a thought away). I was in a bad way before you sent healing powers to my knees…I haven’t experienced any pain since you started and I am up and down these 3 and 4 flights of stairs all day long chasing a 3-year-old with a 3 month old in my arms. I am so grateful. I love the visualization of Saturn rings; this gives me something to continue to imagine and keep the healing light right there – always. Thank you so much! Sending love back to you!”

Just yesterday I woke up and the first thing I got to read was that another surgery had been avoided – foot surgery. Love when that happens. Reiki expedites the healing process. There are countless stories of broken bones, scars and bruises healing faster thanks to Reiki. All I know is that the ones I know about are all true. I know because I was a part of the healing and have been so blessed by experiencing the Reiki moments that I have been able to witness.

My first Reiki Master told me that becoming a Reiki practitioner was a commitment and a promise as I welcomed the new energy into my entire being after receiving my first attunement on that special day. He was sure right. In order to live by the Reiki precepts, I am making a promise every morning when I wake up that I will not worry or get angry on this given day. Committing to a day without worry or anger changed my life forever. I embrace these principles and do everything within my power to stay true to my higher self.

This is a daily commitment and it is a promise to God and to myself. And, living by the Reiki precepts should not be taken lightly. It would be a shame to waste the gift of healing by not sharing it at a time when the world needs love more than ever. Reiki practitioners benefit from the healing energy too, so there’s really no reason not to let the energy flow. But, I have heard from so many who have not had Reiki moments because they “lost touch with it,” “always forget about it,” or “never think about it when I need it the most.” Reiki is a gift that we have for our entire lifetime and can always be tapped into.

I’ve seen entire families heal from one Distance session. Recently, a woman said to me, “All of us felt so good and we all commented on it. It was amazing. My husband had a huge smile on his face and just kept talking about how good he felt.” This family is dealing with a lot right now to put it lightly. Hospitals. Cancers. Wheelchairs. Blindness. Depression. The list goes on and on with how much this one family is dealing with. Reiki is bringing them some comfort and that makes me very happy. When she sent me their family picture I cried. They are such a beautiful family.

This morning I sent the family Distance Reiki as they had an early check-in at the hospital. Their 5-year-old son who will be staying at the hospital is receiving a lot of energy from us and it’s helping bring a sense of calm and comfort to a very stressful time. Ordinarily, I do Distance Reiki at night. But, this morning I started the day off by sharing Reiki from a Distance. It started the day off on the right note. I’ll send them some more tonight.

Reiki moments are when you see a deep rooted pain and torture that has been buried so deeply for almost 70 years, lighten up, transform and leave after just one Reiki session. I miss sharing Reiki in-person. When I think about the Reiki moment that I just described, I think about what I saw happen just a few feet from where I am typing this. It was the most intense release I have ever seen or probably will ever see again. The spiritual activity that was taking place in this office of mine gave me a feeling of protection that has stayed with me since that day. It was on that day that I started ending all of my healing attunements with the sign of the cross and Christ Consciousness. For that Reiki moment, I am eternally grateful.

Reiki moments are when you hear about someone’s life transforming because Reiki helped lighten their load. I have done my best to share my Reiki moments with you for the last few years and that will continue. We are working on a new book with all of those articles and some new stuff too. I appreciate you taking the time to read about these special Reiki moments. Take good care of yourself.


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