By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

When I awoke this morning I could vividly recall a dream I was having right before I woke up. I had been escorted to a higher view where I could see how small the Earth was in relation to the universe. The Spiritual Helper who was next to me pointed to our planet from millions of miles away and said, “Always remember the vastness of your universe.” I wrote it down.

Then, suddenly a man came up to me and asked me if he could help me with anything. Anything at all. Anything at all. That’s what he kept saying and convincing me that he really meant it. I was so confused by his natural way of being that I remember just kind of staring at him with what I am sure was a confused look on my face. He kept saying, “The Helpers are The Healers Jeff.” He was as genuine of a man as I have ever met – while awake or dreaming. I said, “We have to help.” He agreed.

Then, letters suddenly started to appear in the sky. I could see a huge letter “R.” Then, there was the letter “E” popping up multiple times. It was the grandest of graphic effects and presentations that I have ever witnessed. The sky was like a much bigger version of Disney’s, The Stones or the Super Bowl firework show on steroids. The letters would explode with Love, that’s the best way I can describe it. Each time it happened, a huge burst of colors and flowers filled the sky. And, there were these amazing sounds that would accompany the explosion. It was a multi-sensory experience to the nth degree. The colors were like something I had never seen before.

I stood there in awe, accompanied by my spiritual guides and helpers. We watched together as the letters started to form into words. “One” was the first word I could make out clearly as the sky vibrated, pulsed and rippled with waves of love. The pulsating beat was so entrancing and catchy and memorable. I was one with the rhythm. My breath was in perfect harmony with the vibration. I’m sure I was probably moving or trying to dance in my sleep. That’s probably what woke me up.

The message in the sky was as clear as could be and large enough for the entire world to see in their native language. “Love One Another” was the message. Suddenly, there were faces in the skies – all of the souls who had passed on. They all had this look on their faces of total agreement and acknowledgement that this was the message that mankind needed to hear at this moment. They all had a loving, all knowing look as they tried to convey with their eyes that we needed to pay attention to the message in the sky. Then, I woke up. Just a dream.

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