By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Reiki practitioners take an oath and make a promise to the Highest Truth that we will not worry or get angry – just for today. That’s part of the deal, and we do it for the Love of Reiki. It’s our way of giving back to our Creator and the life force energy that runs through every living thing. We have been blessed with a gift that can make such a difference as it heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I didn’t plan on writing an article tonight but I heard “For the Love of Reiki” in my head as I showered. Growing up, I remember hearing, “For the love of God!” Amen. For the love of God. We share this amazing gift of healing with confidence from a distance and the results are always incredible. Reiki always works as it gently gives us whatever we need for our highest good.

Reiki can do no harm. However, when things come to the surface that have been deeply hidden in someone for a long period of time, the shift and new adjustment can be dramatic. This is simply a matter of a new energy taking over the space. Low lying energies and negativity cannot handle the magnificent light that is Reiki. I have seen pain run from Reiki for 9 years now. I was attuned in January of 2012, and have never been the same. Thank God for the love of Reiki.

We understand the importance of continual learning and keeping our vibration at a high level. That’s where we do our best work. We shine our light, whatever that might look like. We shine on for the world to see that there is still peace, love and hope alive on this day. We do this through simple gestures of kindness and love to keep the good energy flowing. Things are always better in the light.

Higher Sources pay attention to us when we are functioning at a higher level. We don’t hear or receive their eternal guidance if our heads are full of worry and anger. It’s the ultimate Team Effort as we work together to help raise the consciousness of mankind. Our Collective Consciousness depends on it if we are to move forward as one.

We are all connected and that is why Distance Reiki works. We tap into the eternal energy that runs through all of us. Reiki practitioners are simply brokers or middlemen who channel the energy. Please join me as we keep the positive energy flowing with our rebellious Reiki ways that we do for the Love of it. Healing the world – one soul at a time.

We have our work cut out for us. But, we agreed to this when we received the eternal gift that is Reiki. Always know what you’ve signed up for! Ha! Reiki does wonders for self-healing as well as helping others heal by bringing the pain to the surface and then releasing it. Wishing you a pain-free evening without worry or anger. Peace.


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