By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I remember the moment that the healing work became the most important thing in my life. Sitting at our company conference room table listening to our CEO talk about this, that and the other thing… I wanted to stand up and say, “Yeah, but I just helped Kim Green in the UK heal from cancer last night – thanks to Distance Reiki. Isn’t that cool?” I had been asking for proof that Distance Reiki was real, and thanks to Kim, I learned early on that Distance Reiki is as real as it gets.

When I was first attuned to Reiki Level I, I had no plans to go any further on my Reiki journey. I kept hearing others talk about distance and symbols and all kinds of things that I just attributed to weirdness. Healing from a distance? Oh, okay. Nice talking to you.

But, I started to listen at a deeper level and was led to go further. My Mom had Alzheimer’s and lived in another state. I figured, “real or not, it can’t hurt.” I’ll send it to Mom.

And so began my amazing journey with Distance Reiki, and I certainly got what I asked for. I was given the opportunity to help so many, and that is exactly what we’ve done. I say “we” because I am referring to “The Team.” They are my posse of spiritual helpers who have my back.

I believe in Unlimited Reiki with the only limitations being the ones we place on the healing energy ourselves. I have seen too many healings of every sort imaginable, to think otherwise. The possibilities are endless. I’ve seen deep rooted pain that took years to create vanish with one Reiki session. It’s amazing; that’s why I write about it.

Today, I heard about a young man of only 25 who had a stroke and “is not doing well.” He is part of a family who is good friends with a friend of mine. I will begin the work in a couple of hours, knowing that the energy is helping his situation. That brings me great peace.

As I shifted my career and made job changes, I moved closer and closer to where I am now – working for a wellness organization. I am sharing Reiki with so many new friends who work with me. Be careful what you ask for. I knew what I wanted and focused my energy on that thought. My daily routine of doing healing work is beyond anything I was imagining. The universe is amazing and the law of attraction is real. Focus on what you want for your highest self as you continue on your journey. Wishing you a magnetic field overflowing with blessings of abundance and goodness.

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