By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

These are stressful times for families. I can’t help but think of the pioneers who braved new territories and experienced unfathomable hardships as they made their way on a journey to find their new home. They didn’t have any of the modern day conveniences that we have, and all these years later, the suffering continues. People are still trying to find their way home to some safety and peace of mind during these turbulent times. The devastation of 2020 cannot be overemphasized and the ripple effects will be like nothing we have ever experienced before.

The first time I was given the opportunity to share Reiki with a family was a few years ago. I received a call from a woman outside of the U.S. who had read one of my articles. Her beloved brother was dying. “He just keeps hanging on Jeff and he needs to let go.” He was an amazing man and his time here on Earth was drawing to a close.

He was in a different country than his sister, living in Austria. She had reserved and paid for a Distance Reiki session before I called her. She wanted me to help him with his transition during this extremely difficult time for his family. His wife was bedside and being told numerous times that he was going to pass during a certain time, but then the time would pass as he hung on longer.

His loving sister purchased (3) Reiki sessions to ensure that he would make the transition sooner rather than later. She understood the many healing benefits of Reiki very well. I asked her if it was okay to send Reiki to her and her sister-in-law, making it a family healing. I explained to her that the best way to help him move on was to have both of them involved with the Distance session, and that is exactly what happened.

She was so appreciative and saying things like, “No, you don’t need to do that Jeff. I’ll pay you more.” I refused her extra payment. We helped him move to higher ground within a week and the visions that I received during those sessions were nothing short of spiritual excellence in love.

Another time, a woman told me about her high school age daughter being drugged, sexually assaulted and recorded, and how badly she was suffering. Her little girl had experienced hell on Earth and couldn’t even remember it happening. But, she did hear about it and saw the video. Sharing Reiki with this beautiful young soul on my treatment table is a moment that I will always remember fondly. Seeing her mom’s face light up as she saw the newfound joy in her daughter’s face is one of those images that will always be with me. She was such an amazing girl and Reiki helped her remember her true self and leave behind all of the darkness. This room was filled with so much light and love and I was simply the facilitator. Higher Sources were a big part of the healing. I miss in-person sessions but thankfully I get to experience the powerful energy of this space as I do my new work as a Clarity Coach.

More recently, I have experienced many more families healing thanks to Reiki. I will never run out of article ideas on how Reiki helps families because I get to see Reiki in action all the time, and then hear about the incredible results from the people who received the healing energy. Families can heal together even during these unprecedented times when stress is everywhere we look.

I am in awe of the families who are doing everything they can to survive. Heroes? You got that right! We have virtual classrooms with connectivity issues. There are children missing their friends and wondering why their parents are acting so differently. Countless jobs have been lost by people who lost their direction, security and sense of purpose. I have known many restaurant owners over the years and I cannot even begin to imagine how much pain they are in. So many have lost their livelihoods and their homes. I thought about them this morning when the mountain wind was whipping around like it was angry.

Then, there are all of the healthcare workers who are doing everything they can to keep death at bay. The list is endless. In each case, Reiki can help out by bringing peace, love and hope to any situation. Reiki is peace of mind at a time when it is needed more than ever. If you are having a tough time right now please consider Reiki for some calm during the storm. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your family will love you for it.

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