By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

We are all here for a reason. There are no coincidences. The meaning of life is much deeper than any of us can fully comprehend with our simple human understanding. Life is more sacred than we can fully understand as well. We are a part of a much bigger picture than what we even pay attention to on a daily basis. I remember hearing John Lennon say something about life is what happens to us while we’re making plans. What wisdom. I’m proud to share the same birthday as John.

We are a part of God and we are also a part of every living thing on this planet. And, believe it or not, we’re even connected to the stars and the planets, but that’s a topic for a different time. This article is about the sanctity of life because I have heard about too many suicides lately.

When we moved to the mountains I was ten feet off the ground as my dream of living here actually happened. Shortly after moving here my jaw hit the floor when I heard about the number of teen suicides in the area. I couldn’t believe everything that I was hearing on that day, and today it still brings tears to my eyes.

Then, a couple of years later, when I was blessed with the opportunity to share Reiki with our veterans, I heard how many vets were committing suicide. My friend Kirk Poe, the Founder of Not This Day (Veteran Suicide Prevention), told me about things like the Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project. Do you know that on average, 22 of our brave veterans take their own lives each day? God bless their hurting souls.

Yesterday, I got to hold my grandson and witness the miracle of life up close and personal. This sweet baby is just over a month old. He has his whole life to look forward to – surrounded by a loving family. He is the calmest baby I have ever held. His peaceful, content presence brought me a deep peace that I am still feeling today. I always loved that Eagles’ song, “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” That song was written in the 70’s and sounds better than ever in 2020.

Reiki brings a deep feeling of peace and makes something like giving up an action that obviously doesn’t serve our best interests, so we leave it behind us. Transformations happen when we continually let go of thoughts or actions that are weighing us down and holding us back. Everyone always tells me how light they feel after a Reiki session. There’s a very good reason for that. Reiki helps us let go. Sometime during my Reiki classes I always say, “Let it Go…Let it Flow…Let it Be…” Just saying those words and paying attention to your breathing can bring a deep sense of calm.

Over the last few days I have had some of the best Distance Reiki sessions I have ever been a part of. Today, I got to hear from the people that I had sent the healing energy to. When I hear the kinds of things like I heard today, Reiki seems new to me again. Last night I gave my wife a full treatment on the table. It had been a while since her last hands on session with me. She commented how strong the energy was and she was feeling sensations in some of her painful areas that she had never felt before.

Positive healing energy is so needed and so appreciated at this time in our lives. Reiki’s love, light, peace and hope are welcome visitors to anyone who is in isolation. If you’re thinking about giving up, please consider receiving a Reiki treatment. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. I think all of us are living one day at a time right now. A bad day doesn’t make a bad life. We all have bad days and they make the good ones that much better. You are here for a reason and you are never alone. You have to believe me on that. Angelic helpers are always nearby. We just can’t see them.

Believe in the promise of a new day and never give up. Many years ago, before I decided that I needed to make some changes to my mindset, I was ready to give up. I often think of all of the blessings I would have missed had I given up. We’re all connected and we need you. Believe in Goodness, Beauty, Joy, Justice, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Hope – even if it may be difficult to see at the moment. Believe.

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