By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we? This year has turned our world upside down and then shook it a little bit, then shook it some more, then I think we went upside down again or was that right side up? Either way, we’re still riding the wild rollercoaster that is 2020, and we are obviously all connected. That fact has never been more obvious than it is right now.

I realized that we are indeed all connected when I started hearing back from Reiki recipients about the amazing benefits they were experiencing from my Distance sessions. I am still amazed by the wonders of Distance Reiki myself, and cannot ignore the fact that it works because we are all connected.

Early on in my Reiki journey I learned to believe in distance healing thanks to Kim in the UK. At the time, I was still knee deep in corporate America and a frequent business traveler. Our communications through Messenger made my time at the Gate fly by. I couldn’t believe how powerful this universal energy was and it opened my eyes to things that I had never even thought about before. I embraced the endless possibilities of Distance Reiki and then experienced its tremendous healing benefits every time I tapped into the life force energy and shared it with others.

Kim and I connected on Facebook because of a dog named Phoenix, who had been beaten with shovels and buried alive by some two-legged animals who were many things, but they were not men. The amazing Peter Singh rescued Phoenix and gave him a kind, loving, pampered life up until his final days. The Phoenix (named by Peter) story is for another time. But, Phoenix is the reason I started paying attention to Distance Reiki. Peter was such an inspiration to me and helped me realize more and more each day that I was on the right path. Distance Reiki changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

This year we have been surrounded, smothered and bombarded with negativity and death. What has helped me get through 2020 has been self-Reiki as I tap into a higher vibration before sharing it with others from a Distance. Everything expands including Reiki. I always begin with self-Reiki before connecting with another soul and then sending the infinite energy to situations around the world. Everything is energy and the key is to keep it flowing and avoid getting stuck by self-imposed emotional roadblocks.

Anyone who tells you that they have gone through 2020 without any emotional scars or bruises is not telling you the truth. We’ve all been hit hard and when you get hit hard you’re going to get some scars and have some bruises. You might not be able to see them, but they are there. This is why self-care is so important.

We need to take care of ourselves before we can effectively help others. If we’re depleted and our energy is low, our vibration is shaky and we’re not grounded, we are unable to really help someone else. We might go through the motions but our low vibration will negatively affect another person’s energy because we’re all connected.

Positive energy has never been more needed or life-changing than it is right now. A little good news or a positive comment can literally change a person’s day and maybe their life. I’ve seen it happen countless times and it’s happened to me too. I don’t know about you, but I have had my fill of hate and negativity. Love is still the most powerful force in the world and its healing benefits are endless. Reiki is love and that is why Reiki is so powerful.

Together, we rise just like a Phoenix from the ashes. Reiki helps us rise higher as we leave behind things that no longer serve our best interests. Many times I have stopped in my tracks, looked up into the sky and watched in amazement as a massive flock of birds flew together as one. It’s an incredible thing to see. All of us are connected – including those birds. We can soar to great heights together as one. Our destination? A future with endless possibilities as we believe in the promise of the new day.

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