By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I miss teaching Reiki classes. Before Covid-19, I welcomed students into our home and taught the classes in our picturesque sunroom, where you never know what you might see outside. We’re surrounded by wildlife and the animals love Reiki’s energy and usually made a point of coming just a little bit closer during a class. In addition to snacks, I always made a big pot of my “Rockin’ Reiki Soup,” which was always full of so much goodness. The classes were powerful and so much fun. During 2020, I have lost all sense of time, but I know this for a fact – It’s been too long since I’ve taught a Reiki class!

I have been thinking a lot about how much I miss teaching and have decided to begin offering virtual classes via Zoom meetings. During 2020, I have been on countless Zoom calls. Why not a Reiki Zoom call? Many Reiki practitioners are already doing virtual classes. Timing is everything and I believe all timing is Divine. I keep being nudged to offer virtual Reiki classes and finally decided that the time to take action is now.

My last Advanced Reiki Level I & II Class was scheduled for March. We were going to have a family attend who was flying in from the Midwest. Another student was driving in from Oklahoma. And, another attendee is a well respected massage therapist and healer based here in Evergreen. Covid-19 hit and I postponed the class. Then, I postponed it again. Finally, I cancelled the class.

The idea of trying to teach the wonder of Reiki while everyone wore a mask just did not appeal to me at all. I thought about holding the classes outside while we kept our social distance. But, at the time, it just didn’t feel right. I have learned to trust that feeling. I finally decided to not schedule any classes until I figured out what I was going to do and felt drawn to teaching classes again. It’s time.

I have been told by so many students how powerful my Reiki classes are. My goal is to keep those same high standards during a virtual class. After being a part of dozens of Zoom calls, I am confident that I can deliver a powerful, life-changing Reiki class for my students using this same format while allowing Reiki to do what Reiki does. Reiki’s energy leads the class and I’m just the facilitator or middleman. Higher Sources are always in attendance and a Zoom call will not change that fact.

The same amount of work that I put into my in-person classes will be required for a virtual class, if not more. My class handouts are being updated, just because I always add new things to the handouts as I learn them. During this pandemic and all of the social unrest we have been experiencing, I have learned new self-healing and Distance techniques that will be shared during these classes.

And, in case you’re wondering, the attunements, placements and ignitions are just as powerful from a distance. My Holy Fire III Reiki Master Upgrade was from a distance, and was also one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had. I have also attuned other people from a Distance. They are now Reiki practitioners who not only share the energy in-person, but also from a distance.

Distance healing has been a big part of my life since I took a Reiki Level II class in 2012. I had to laugh when I saw the many “Distance Reiki Works!” images on social media when the pandemic hit. My first reaction was, “Duh!” Of course it works. I am still amazed at the number of Reiki Masters I know who did not practice Distance Reiki on a regular basis before Covid-19. There is no time or space and my nightly Distance healing sessions proved to me a long time ago that Distance Reiki works. Now, more than ever, we need to embrace Distance Reiki as we share it with a world that is hurting. Distance Reiki has always been a big part of my classes and that will not change.

Sunrise Reiki Colorado is known for offering one-on-one classes as well as standard classes, and that will not change either. Looking at the calendar, it’s natural to think about holding my first virtual class after the holidays. But, on the other hand, we all need Reiki – now more than ever. I have rediscovered the power of self-healing during this challenging time, and feel that I have an obligation to share the amazing gift of Reiki with as many people as possible – especially now. We are bombarded with fear and anger around the clock. Two of the Reiki precepts are more timely than ever today. “Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger.”*

Like I mentioned earlier, timing is everything and I believe all timing is Divine. The world can use Reiki – now more than ever. Why put it off or delay the gift of healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? So, with that in mind, if you are interested in a one-on-one class or want to be a part of group learning with no more than 5 students, just send me a note at and we can discuss further. I will be posting some class dates on weekends in the very near future.

Below is a description of my Unlimited Usui Reiki Level I & II Advanced Class. Hope this is helpful. God Bless You. Be safe and if you feel drawn to taking this class, you can also reach me at (720) 250-8107 to discuss further. Thank You.


Learn Reiki Level I & II and Advanced healing techniques. Study self-healing methods as well as helping others heal both in person and from a distance.

You will be taught how to work with the sacred Reiki symbols, as well as Holy Fire and the new Rising Star symbol. We reference William Lee Rand’s “The Healing Touch” & “The Reiki Touch.” We also pull material from Adele & Garry Malone’s “The Essence of Reiki.”

Teachings from Torkom Saraydarian, and The Ageless Wisdom will be shared as well. You will enjoy the powerful “Meditation for Gratitude & Healing,” as well as experiences from Holy Fire Reiki. These meditations and experiences have tremendous healing benefits and add so much to the energy of the class.

You will also be introduced to the power of healing stones and crystals. Christ Consciousness is woven throughout this class as Higher Sources will also be in attendance.The class will be taught by Jeff Baird, who will share his own material and handouts as well. Reservations can be made on the Services page at

If you have any questions, please call (720) 250-8107. Jeff’s Reiki Journey (so far):

January, 2012: Reiki Level I
June, 2012: Reiki Level II
June, 2014: Reiki Level II Advanced
November, 2014: Unlimited Reiki Master
August, 2018: USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master
January, 2019: Holy Fire III Upgrade

*Dr. Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki

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