By Jeff Baird

The Great Invocation

Stanza Three

First Verse

Given in 1945:

“From the point of Light within the mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let light descend on Earth.”

Some say these are the darkest of days. Others say the darkest is yet to come. I’ve always heard that it’s darkest before dawn and found that to be true. I live in the mountains and it is definitely darkest before dawn.

For some reason the thought of someone hearing Carly Simon’s song, “Anticipation” hit me today. That one part where she sings, “These are the good old days.” Then, she repeats it and says it again. The good old days. I’ve heard 2020 called a lot of things but can’t help but wonder if anyone who lived through it will call it “the good old days” 50 years from now. I doubt it.

Thinking of a light that is originating in God’s mind blows my mind like it’s never been blown before. “Within the mind of God.” May this brilliant light that begins within the mind of God be felt by all men on Earth. Let there be light! We need it! Help us to see the light, stay in the warmth and shine. We all have opportunities throughout the day to be warm or cold, light or dark. Dear God, please help us choose the light. We can all use more positive energy. May we feel it and allow it to expand throughout the day.

I was also thinking about the heroes throughout history who have had to somehow rise above the hell they were experiencing here on Earth. The people you never read about but did the impossible nonetheless. Those who worked around the clock to make sure their family was fed. People like that. People putting other’s needs ahead of their own. Heroes. So many are doing the impossible today. I am humbled to the core when I think of how many heroes are behind those masks at the grocery store.

I’m thinking about all those who do great things and nobody ever hears about their deeds except their family and friends. Thankfully, our world has had many of those kinds of people. They sacrifice so others can be better off. It’s a holy thought and could certainly originate in the mind of God.

In order for us to rise above whatever is taking place around us, we must do our best to try and connect to that light that resides in the mind of God. In the light is a good place to be. Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, yoga classes, and all the spiritual events that happen around the world try to tap into the mind of God when they gather together. There’s great strength in numbers with like minded people. God bless all of us, regardless of what our belief system is or isn’t.

Last night I sent Reiki to my brother-in-law. He is a devout Jehovah’s Witness and we never discussed Reiki before, but we talked about God. Originally, I had planned on sending Reiki to the situation. He is really hurting and I can’t just watch him suffer and not try to help him. Once the session started, I soon realized how much love was surrounding him and I just joined all of his loved ones and added Reiki, and even more light to the mix. It was awesome. We are so loved. I worked very closely with the sign of the cross and Christ Consciousness, rather than Reiki’s sacred symbols. Holy Fire became one with the cross. It was a magnificent sight to see. I still use Reiki’s sacred symbols on a regular basis but just not in this situation.

There was such warmth, comfort and peace in the bright light. So many are very near him, and their presence startled me at first. I have never felt anything like it before. It was so powerful. This man is loved by many. Love is still the most powerful force in the world regardless of what the headlines may scream at us around the clock.

I purposely chose not to include “The Great Invocation” in it’s entirety for this article. To be honest, it’s so much to think about, process and write about and it’s been kind of a long day for me. It’s been a good day, but kind of long too and I need to rest. I am simply scratching the surface of this eternal teaching. I encourage you to read all of “The Great Invocation” and feel the power of the words. The only Stanza missing in this article is the second one, and the rest of the third. Until next time…

The Great Invocation

Stanza One

Given in 1935:

“Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be keynote at this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So. let it be, and help us to do our part.”

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