By Jeff Baird

Sharing Reiki with individuals, families, organizations, animals and the world is one of life’s greatest joys for me. Instead of getting angry and worried over the latest negative news, Reiki practitioners are able to help heal the world – one soul at a time; while living by the Reiki precepts. Reiki’s Founder, Dr. Mikao Usui told us, “Just for today, do not anger. Just for today, do not worry.” These two simple statements can change lives.

Today, all of my healing work is done from a Distance at night. This last full moon made for some powerful evenings of healing. I will never get used to hearing the heartfelt comments that people share with me the day after a Distance Reiki session. They tell me things like how they slept better than they have in years. I get to hear how dull, aching pains have magically disappeared. Migraines vanish and what were once considered hopeless situations improve beyond the recipient’s wildest dreams. Hope, once a forgotten word, reappears and changes everything for the better.

This kind of feedback takes my healing to a much higher level as I thrive on positive energy. If I am in a toxic space filled with negativity, you won’t see me stick around. I do my best to raise the vibration and then exit stage left if I see that such a move is the wisest choice for me. If my well-being is under attack, I defend myself and do what is best for me. I can’t help others if I don’t take care of myself first.

My commitment is to the Light, Love and Positive Vibes. Only Light can free us from darkness. Just like you, I too have been in some dark places. But, with Reiki’s help I got back into the light where life is so much better – filled with peace, love and hope.

Sometimes, I only use my intentions and the visions that I receive during a Reiki session. Other times, I use 7 symbols, crystals & stones as their energies help me amplify the healing by focusing on their different healing attributes. I may use my Distance healing bears, “Rei” & “Brother Rei” or not. It all depends on how I’m feeling.

A Master Shaman taught me a long time ago that it’s our intentions that make things work. Elaborate rituals are not necessary. But, it all works if our intentions are pure. If you feel better by burning sage during a Reiki session, do it. If you feel compelled to work with a grid, by all means please do. It all works. I love my grid and burn sage on a regular basis.

That’s what I think I like most about healing work. There are no hard set rules. Some try to limit Reiki’s unlimited potential by claiming different do’s and don’ts are necessary for Reiki to work. But, such do’s and don’ts are only a reflection of that individual’s limiting beliefs. The only limitations to Reiki are the ones we place on ourselves.

I’ve heard some people talk about “Neiki,” where a person must be naked during a Reiki session. This is complete B.S. I have also heard from those who believe you can only send Reiki before or after a surgery and not during a procedure. I learned that if unconditional love would help a situation, then it is always welcome – before, during and after. (Thank You Laurelle and Michael.)

Reiki is the highest form of unconditional love and can do no harm. If you feel that you need to say Reiki 3x and the recipient’s name 3x before sharing the healing energy, by all means say it. Good things come in three’s. It’s not necessary, but if it helps you focus during a session, please do whatever will help you share the energy at the highest level.

Since I have not been teaching any Reiki classes during 2020, my hope is that these articles will help you along your way. I end all of my Reiki sessions with a healing attunement and then wrap the recipient in what I call my “Reiki Comforter.”

During a healing attunement, I use the following symbols in this order: 1. Power. 2. Emotional. 3. Distance. 4. Master. 5. Holy Fire. 6. Rising Star. 7. Christ Consciousness. The Rising Star was given to me from Higher Sources a couple of years ago. I close each attunement with the sign of the cross to represent Christ Consciousness. A healing attunement can be so powerful. I always ask my clients to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest before and afterwards.

I also like to work closely with the Holy Fire flame as it cleanses and purifies at a very deep level. Raising it and lowering it 7x as it flushes out all negative energy is a powerful technique, followed by the flickering of the flame over, below and throughout a Reiki recipient. The flame always seems to find its way over a person’s heart and their third eye as it instills the infinite wisdom of love.

My Reiki Comforter is the 7 symbols in light layers/sheets/comforters that I use to wrap up a person or animal at the end of a session. It brings a feeling of safety and well-being to all. As you share Reiki with others, do what feels right to you. The only way to learn is by doing. Trust your instincts and follow the gentle guidance that you will receive from Higher Sources. Just let it flow. When you are finished, there are a number of ways to separate from the Reiki recipient. I use the symbol that I was taught in my first Reiki Master Class. Always take the time to separate. Just like most things, I also learned this the hard way.

Trust Reiki and believe in your God-given ability to make a difference. Believe & Receive.

A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who takes the time to read my articles. Over the last couple of days, our website has had visitors from France, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Poland, Canada, Australia, China, United Kingdom and the U.S. Pain might be universal, but so is healing. God Bless all of You.

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